Newsletter Creation Is Easy … When You’re With a Company That Can Do It All

With the popularity of the internet and email communications, many companies have worried that direct mail is either dead or dying. Fortunately, this is not the case. Approximately 79% of people between the ages of 55 and 64 are responsive to direct mail. But don’t think that direct mail is limited to the baby boomers — a recent study found that millennials prefer direct mail marketing over the (somewhat repressing) digital marketing efforts they receive. 

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If you’ve never thought about sending a monthly print newsletter before, now is the time to start. 

Here are three steps that can help you use a newsletter creator for your direct mail newsletter. However, after learning about everything that is involved in creating a successful direct mail newsletter campaign — you may just want to find someone who can take care of the process for you, from start to finish.

    1. Create your newsletter.

Your first step is to choose a newsletter creator. There are many online, and most of them are available as software packages. Choosing an appropriate program will allow you to lay out all of the important elements, such as your title, the articles, your branding, and your logo. This may be the most time consuming part of the process, and requires a knowledge of how to sell your product without blatantly advertising it (a huge turn off to your customers), and how to engage your customers so that they would prefer to read your newsletter rather than throw it out.

    1. Market your newsletter.

Being conscious of newsletter marketing techniques will help you to achieve greater customer generation and retention. How can you make your newsletter more marketable? Be sure that the content is relevant to your audience, and be careful of the frequency with which you send out the newsletters. If you will only mail once a year, make sure your newsletter is content rich. If you mail once a week, be sure not to overwhelm your audience with too much information. If you maintain a normal mailing schedule (we recommend monthly), customers will know what to expect and will be more likely to look forward to reading your newsletter.

    1. Send your newsletter.

The final step involves printing and mailing your newsletter. These services can be costly, but the newsletter printer will produce your newsletter to specification, and the newsletter mailing service will deliver your newsletter on time.

At this final stage, you might be wondering if there is an easier way to create, market, and send a newsletter.

After all, this is starting to sound like a lot of work.

If you suspect that there is no one in your company with the time or resources to be a decent newsletter creator, then rest assured: There are companies that can take care of the entire newsletter creation process from design, to content, to printing and sending.

About 77% of customers appreciate receiving information about special offers, and 70% appreciate receiving mail that rewards them for their loyalty.

Make your customers and potential clients happy by delivering a quality newsletter on a regular basis.

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