‘Becoming A Resonant Leader’ Is A Must-Read!

by | Apr 13, 2017

In the introduction of “Becoming A Resonant Leader,” the authors write that they’re giving the reader “the chance to wrestle with profound aspects” of themselves, “as a person and as a leader.”

That sounds like a tall order, but these people aren’t fronting. This book can show you how to uncover your resonant leader skills and inspire a team. Its premise is the idea that resonant leaders aren’t born. They’re grown through a journey.

Becoming a Resonant Leader

A collaboration between Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis, and Frances Johnston, “Becoming a Resonant Leader” is presented as a workbook in sequential order. The idea is simple. Follow the book, and your leadership skills will develop as you do.

They pay special attention to resonance, a perfect vibration that brings something to life. That’s what a resonant leader does. They don’t have to be a genius or a workaholic. But they do have to know how to lead their team just right to unleash the vibrating life within.

A Resonant Leader Takes Action

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The book really takes off in Chapter 3, which describes mindfulness and wake-up calls. What’s a wake-up call? A sign that you’re not doing something right in your life. While they can be big, they’re often “small, and hard to hear, like noticing that you’re not laughing as much as you did in the past.” The book challenges the reader to hear those calls and take action.

It also provides a road map for that action, with exams and questions designed to help you achieve success. For example, it defines “noble purpose.” It then asks the reader to write the answers to the questions right in the book, just like those workbooks you had as a kid. It follows this format for all of the chapters, helping you become a resonant leader.

Leadership Starts With Knowing Yourself

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Some of those chapters particularly “resonate.” Chapter 4 challenges us to find our ideal self.  Chapter 5 asks us to compare that ideal to our real self. Chapter 6 is about coming up with a plan for intentional change. These sections are useful, even without applying them to any overarching theme.

Of course, this is a book about becoming a resonant leader, so eventually we get there — but not before analyzing and identifying ourselves first. Some readers may be fed up by the time leadership makes its appearance in Chapter 7. But the authors tell you right up front to not “be in a rush.” They urge you to think about each step. If that doesn’t appeal to you, they encourage working with a partner to get the most out of each chapter.

Enjoy The Journey

As mentioned above, this book is about the journey. Some readers may not appreciate its slow pace or it’s touchy-feely questions. But, overall, there’s solid leadership advice here. More importantly, you’re left with a clear message. The path to becoming a resonant leader is knowing yourself — something that you cannot learn from any book. Take the journey at your own speed, and you’ll get there.

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