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by | Nov 11, 2021

Who doesn’t love to feel “wowed” when buying something from your favorite establishment? It’s a great feeling when the business you’re buying from makes every part of the experience a pleasure with great customer service. The only downside is that, as customers, we don’t see excellence very often. So when we do, it means that much more.

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Now, flip that around. As a business, it feels great when you deliver stellar service. It’s a source of pride and accomplishment, and you know your happy customers will likely come back — possibly with friends in tow!

However, not every business takes the time and effort to wow customers. They don’t go out of their way to make their customers feel lucky or valued. Customers are just customers. But why be in business if you don’t care about customer service?

There is no reason a customer should be left unsatisfied. You have the power to make a sale and have that customer walk away happy. So, how do you deliver a wow experience?

Let’s get the best example out of the way: Disney’s theme parks. Most people tend to agree that these places have mastered the customer service experience. They know how to create ecstatic customers with every visit and purchase.

But stellar customer service isn’t something that magically happens, even at Disneyland. There are very specific things businesses do to ensure they have ecstatic customers and create that “magic.” It all starts with making emotional connections and building strong relationships.

Below are 3 things that Disney and other successful businesses do to provide great customer service. Implement them today to inject your company with the magic of the happiest place on Earth.

Use Customer Service To Personalize The Experience.


Companies like Disney bother to learn your name, birthday, anniversary, likes, and dislikes. Basically, they try to get to know you better. Then, they use that information. They might do this by sending a thank-you or birthday card in the mail or even offering you a gift. (Fun fact: Forbes recommends NOT sending clients gifts during the holidays. Try National Pizza Day instead.)

At any of Disney’s parks, you can get a free pin to commemorate events like your first visit or your birthday. These pins can completely change your park-going experience. Cast members acknowledge your pin and make sure you have an extra-special time. You can even collect the pins and come back for more later! As a business owner, this is a great customer service tactic to leverage for repeat business.

Listen To Every Customer.

If someone spends a few days at a Disney theme park, they may run into a cast member taking surveys. Or, if they use the My Disney Experience mobile app, they may see surveys appear during or after their visit. These surveys gather feedback and data on what customers enjoy the most, as well as what their changing interests are.

The more customer data you collect, the better you can tailor your services. You can home in on what makes your customers happy, then provide even better customer service. If you, as a business owner, are doing something right and hear about it, keep doing that thing. If you’re doing something customers don’t appreciate, acknowledge it and make corrections. Maybe a new service is missing the mark and falling short of customer expectations. Let them know you’ll address the problem and make it right. Take surveys, ask questions, and incentivize feedback!

Be The Model Business.

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If you’ve been to any of the Disney theme parks, you know how clean and organized everything is. They make great strides to hide all the behind-the-scenes “clutter” from guests. On top of that, every employee/cast member exudes professionalism. It’s customer service-minded attention to detail.

When your employees excel in their positions and your business is clean, professional, and down to earth, the results shine. Customers appreciate cleanliness and organization, and that includes your online presence. With fewer customers visiting your office or brick-and-mortar location, your online presence needs to be stellar. That means a well-designed website with plenty of high-quality content! You can also reach customers directly with mailing campaigns — including newsletters, postcards, and more — that deliver right to their door.

If you bring all of these things together, you’ll be left with very happy customers. Of course, there is far more you can do beyond these points. But if you implement this foundation for delivering a wow experience, your customers will feel lucky they found you. They’ll leave your office with the same glow they get from a visit to Disney, and your customer service efforts will more than pay off.

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