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by | May 6, 2021

When it comes to magic, no one is more of an expert than Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Except, perhaps, the brilliant minds that run the multibillion-dollar Walt Disney Company. Disney is a global force in the entertainment industry. It has made game-changing business moves with seemingly magical payoffs, including the purchases of Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox. Plus, we have a new mega-park in China and the launch of Disney+.

Yes, the company’s revenue and reputation fuel its money-making magic, but it also hires the sharpest business minds in the world. And thanks to the Disney Institute, those very experts are now available to teach you how to inject magic into your business!

Meet The Magic Makers Of Disney

In 2020, Disney Institute took its popular professional development tool and made it digital, launching a series of online courses for entrepreneurs like you. In the videos, current leaders across Disney’s organization lend their expertise to help you thrive in leadership and in business.

Disney Institute’s instructors hail from across the many branches of Disney. Some are Animal Kingdom Theme Park management staff, while others are event managers for Walt Disney Motion Pictures. The expertise these instructors offer is as varied as their roles, and their courses touch on useful skills, no matter the size or ambition of your business.


Find Your Perfect Course(s)

Many of these professional development and continuing education courses are available on-demand through the Disney Institute website. Offerings include overviews like Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement, Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence, and Disney’s Approach to Quality Service. Each of those umbrella courses cost $199. More specific on-demand courses like Leadership Essentials: Everyone Can Lead and Service Essentials: Owning the Service Moment cost $49 each. Interactive live courses are also available covering the 3 key umbrella topics for an additional cost.

In Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence course, for example, you’ll learn the best ways to execute several concepts that drive Disney’s leadership successes. These include leading with your legacy in mind, establishing your values and vision, and bringing them in sync. Why wait until the journey is over to decide what your legacy should be? You’ll also learn how to sustain and protect your company’s culture. Learn about warning signs that indicate your company values are at risk, especially during times of change.

When the COVID-19 pandemic eases, Disney will also resume offering its Disney Institute courses in person. Select “Disney Destinations,” including Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, will host these.

Dig Into The Details 

If you take a Disney Institute course, you’ll learn tactics for growth and success by doing. Students follow a “micro-learning” process to gain insight into the nearly 100-year-old company’s tried-and-true business practices. Each course includes a full video library with accompanying reference tools and interactive resource materials. Even experienced professionals are guaranteed to learn something new.

Courses are self-paced and run 3–4 hours each. Once you complete your first online course, you’ll achieve Disney Institute Alumni status. This gives you access to exclusively priced Disney Institute learning events, courses, and products. If your business took a hit last year as a result of the pandemic, this may be especially valuable for you. Disney was impacted, too. The closure of its parks and movie theaters nationwide cut into its revenue. But the company innovated and bounced back with new offerings on Disney+. Every business owner can learn something from these strategies and tactics.

Here at Newsletter Pro, we’re big believers in continuing education. It’s a powerful tool for both entrepreneurs and employees, and Disney is one of many great teachers. As you start your journey, remember: You are an apprentice of magic. With the help of Disney’s team, you’ll levitate your company to new heights!

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