Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?

by | Dec 14, 2016

Procrastination can poison the well of an otherwise great business strategy. Chances are, your business depends heavily on deadlines, and you can’t afford to drop the ball. If you’re not great with starting projects early, this post is for you.

Did you know that 15% of adults can be defined as chronic procrastinators? This means they are not only unproductive, but their fear of action causes anxiety, and even panic.


In his book “Extreme Productivity,”  Robert C. Pozen tackles procrastination. He suggests these kinds of destructive procrastinators eliminate all distractions in their work environments and break each large task into smaller, more achievable parts.

Business executives and professionals aren’t immune to bouts of procrastination or falling behind. “Extreme Productivity” is a guidebook for anyone who struggles with productivity, or for people who want to be even better and more efficient at what they do.

Pozen teaches that if you quit the procrastination habit and get more done each day, your career will transform. This book is masterful in its approach, and gives direct steps to more attainable goals.

Even those who consider themselves mostly productive probably struggle with a type of procrastination that we don’t typically recognize.

People often engage in “structured procrastination.” This isn’t about checking email and Twitter too often (follow The Newsletter Pro). It’s more about choosing to do the easy, more pleasant tasks on the list before the important tasks.

Learning to prioritize is key, and high priority tasks should always come first when it comes to quitting the procrastination habit.

Define Clear Goals

procrastinationThis is the best way to begin training yourself for better productivity. Ranking your goals or tasks by priority is next, with high priority items at the top of your list.

Visualize the final product, and keep in mind some possible conclusions in order to keep your mind on the right track. What’s more, low priority tasks should never take over your mental attention.

Utilize a Daily Calendar

procrastinationdaily calendar is an important tool to take control of your day and allocate your time to what you need to accomplish. Routines should be strict in order to make those more mundane tasks automatic and easy.

In the same vein, never underestimate the distractive power of a poorly planned meeting. A meeting running off topic or over time harms your team’s focus on the important tasks of the day. Pozen outlines how to read information efficiently to improve your personal skills and communicate your objectives more effectively.



Leave Work at Work

Leaving your work at work can be difficult. But Pozen argues that maintaining a positive work-life balance helps you stay refreshed and, in turn, more productive. Set clear boundaries about procrastinatewhen and where you work. Spend as much time with your family and friends as possible. After all, your productivity — and your procrastination — starts with you. So do your best to keep your personal life in order. Then the other pieces of the puzzle will be less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Don’t let procrastination hinder your business growth. Sit down, take a deep breath, and crack open this award-winning book for more information on how to improve productivity once and for all.


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