Sharpr: The Pinterest of Data Insight

by | Aug 25, 2022

As a business owner, you need data insight at the right time and in the right place. Whether it’s for research, innovation, or business strategy, it can be hard the resources and knowledge you need amid the irrelevant rubble. 

Sharpr: The Pinterest of Data Insight

There are plenty of tools for this purpose, but until you purchase them, you don’t always know how useful they will be. However, one tool already has industry acclaim, with brands on their advisory board such as Google, Nestle, Lyft, Purina, Clorox, Travelers, Lamb Weston, Dropbox, Kohl’s and more. 

That tool is known as Sharpr, an easy-to-use insights database and an information organization and sharing tool.

As A Small-Business Owner, When Do I Use Sharpr?

Many big corporations use Sharpr, but even small-business owners can benefit in major ways. For example, employees are knowledge assets — if they move to new ventures in their lives, all of the information and data they contributed to your company could potentially be lost. This would result in the company having to relearn the information they once had on hand. 

Sharpr provides a means to store all relevant pieces of data insight, ensuring your company never has to relearn how to ride a bike (or the general rules of GDPR). 

This Pinterest-like platform enables you to organize data, social media content, analytics, and general documents into a story format and share it with your company with just a few clicks. This way, it can be presented to the people that need it quickly and in a professional manner.

Sharpr Data Insight Tool

While you can search and find information, you can also categorize and make your own primary research more manageable. Sharpr also enables you to share this information on a variety of other platforms like Slack, Sharepoint, Dropbox, and more.

Want to showcase your findings to your industry and add value to your clients? No problem. With Sharpr’s email tool, you can publish your content to clients through options like Salesforce. The primary goal of this feature is to make content easily accessible to your audience with the resources they already have.

In addition to helping you to find, compile, and manage information, Sharpr helps answer the question, “Why is this data insight important?” The platform’s analysis AI generates tags so you can see trends in your data, such as your open rates, click-through rates, and so much more. 

With Sharpr, you won’t get lost in the sea of information. Compartmentalizing and sharing your own internal data just got so much easier.

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