The Band Kiss Is Great At Marketing!

by | May 12, 2022

The legendary rock band Kiss is recognized by an impressive majority of people. Perhaps it’s their shocking makeup or their live show; perhaps you have seen them in guest appearances, like in the hit TV show, “That ‘70s Show.” Either way, Kiss’ presence is worldwide. But how did they get so big? They used marketing and branding tools to captivate their audience to keep them coming back for more.

Kiss’ goal is to reach all ages and demographics. They offer merchandise in apparel, action figures, comic books, perfumes, and even caskets. Whatever accessory you can think of — they probably have it! This form of marketing helps keep their brand and name in your mind.

The marketing and branding resources Kiss uses are not unique; you can use them in your own business. Let’s look at the top strategies this marketing mastermind uses to keep their brand relevant.

Constantly Add And Try New Marketing.

Today, the world we live in is more distracting than ever. Advertisements are literally everywhere for different products and items. Since there are so many distractions, it’s critical to develop new and unique forms of marketing. You must be different from your competitors to get your clientele’s attention. Kiss is a great example of shock value marketing with their stage presence and makeup. You can use shock value marketing by using more emotional and creative marketing.

Emotional marketing consists of forming a deep and meaningful relationship with your audience. Scientists suggest that positive and good news advertisements persuade viewers to like and share online posts more than negative advertisements. But that’s not the whole picture. They also indicate that displaying negative and sad stories intrigues your audience to click on your article — it grabs their attention and encourages more clicks and views.

Creative marketing is a combination of all sorts of things. You must understand your brand, know your audience’s needs, and connect with their emotions. You can use art, images, and music to help make your marketing more creative. The human brain can process images faster than text, so imagery will play a vital role in expressing the meaning behind your business’s message. 

Be Different And Stand Out.

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To stand out from the crowd, you first have to evaluate your business plan and make adjustments. Before changing anything, though, do some research to ensure it fits your brand and public perception. If your plan isn’t significantly different from other companies, you’ll likely blend in with the rest. Kiss has made their brand stand out because of their makeup and stage presence and their wide range of merchandise and accessories. You can do the same by using multiple channels to communicate with your target audience. 

You also need to know how to optimize your website to increase traffic. Updating your website with better visuals, complementing color patterns, and better organization will encourage readers to stay engaged with your content. Different social media platforms can help expand your business’s online presence as well. This will help you stay top of mind with your audience. Your website can be used to effectively communicate with your clients by answering questions and providing excellent customer service. This shows customers you have excellent service and will help you stand out.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal. 

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People thrive when they’re in a good relationship — personal or professional. Being personable with your clients gives them a sense you’re relatable and reliable. Research shows that 70% of customers’ buying experience is based on how they are treated. If you have regular customers, refer to them by name, give them special offers and sneak previews, and send thank-you notes. Be attentive and present when your customers talk to you; this makes them feel welcomed and important.

Kiss is personable with their fans by giving them a glimpse into their lives. They created a biography to enable their fans to see the lives of the band members when they weren’t on stage. You can do something similar by sharing stories from your life with your customers through blog posts, newsletters, and special sales in honor of birthdays. Being personal gives your clients a sense that they matter.

Create A Rewards/Loyalty Program.

When customers feel like a business wants them to feel valued, they feel good about what they’re buying. And when customers feel good about why they’re buying, they will come back for more. This is how customers become loyal, and it’s how the Kiss Army came to be. The Kiss Army is a club where fans can purchase exclusive apparel, posters, and concert tickets and connect with other fans. Creating a community with your audience shows you care about them and their needs. 

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But creating loyalty programs offers a lot more perks than just generating revenue. Customers who sign up for a loyalty program provide useful data. This information can help you learn about your customers, providing insights into what they like, what they don’t, and what their buying patterns are. Loyalty programs can work in many different ways. Your customers can build up points when they make purchases and use these points to receive gift cards or free shipping. They can even build up their points for early access to new products. Get creative when thinking of rewards for your customers. Try out different rewards to see which one gets the best response. 

The empire that Kiss has built is a result of smart marketing and branding techniques. These resources have helped them stay relevant since their formation in 1973. They have used several different outlets to reach their audience and created accessories to fit their needs. These are only a few of the many tools Kiss uses to stay top of mind, but we hope these tips will help you build your brand and build a stronger, more meaningful connection with your customers.

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