‘You Go First’: A Guide to Finding Success In Modern Leadership

by | Feb 18, 2020

While there are many different leadership strategies and skills that lead to achieving your dreams, the path to success is paved by your attitude. And few books outline the importance of a success-aligned attitude than Ronda Conger’s book You Go First. In this work, she inspires her readers to be the leaders of their own lives and details the best strategies for setting a tone to create a life you can be proud of.

A Guide to Finding Success In Modern Leadership

A Leader Defined By Positivity


Conger is more than familiar with the benefits of an upbeat attitude. A self-professed Red Bull-chugging dynamo, this entrepreneur has made a name for herself in the traditionally male-dominated field of home construction. The same powerful, positive energy that catapulted her to success also makes Conger’s writing very compelling. Readers will experience genuine excitement as she takes them on a joyride of professional and personal success.

Successful Attitudes

In You Go First, Conger explains how your perception and demeanor affect your reality. The more you change the way you think, the more you will achieve. Drawing on Conger’s experience in business leadership, the book highlights how these changes in attitude can benefit an entire company. It all comes down to setting the right tone as a leader, one that inspires and energizes those around you. 

For The Office And The Home

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Of course, you don’t have to be a CEO to get a lot of mileage out of You Go First. The beauty of the book is that you can apply it to virtually any aspect of your life. By following the principles Conger lays down, readers gain a new, positive outlook on their futures. With fresh takes on old concepts, like cause and effect and positive affirmations, the book provides numerous tidbits of wisdom. And you can easily apply them to your personal and professional life.

Tools For Growth


Best of all, the author doesn’t simply espouse these concepts. Conger uses successful companies — and what they do right — as concrete examples to show how positive ideologies have affected some of the most successful businesses in the world. Conger even includes a “leadership audit” in You Go First so entrepreneurs can track their personal growth and hold themselves accountable. This adds a tangible angle to the author’s message and gives readers a blend of philosophical concepts and actionable goals.

By showcasing simple and intuitive action plans alongside stories of triumph and failure, You Go First gives readers a fresh outlook on what success can look like. Leadership requires you to make hard choices and set the tone for your whole team. By changing yourself, you can effectively lift up those around you to become leaders of their own lives. Overall, You Go First is an upbeat, inspiring read and valuable addition to any entrepreneur’s bookshelf. 

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