Why Print Newsletters?

A monthly print newsletter is the single easiest and most effective way to increase retention rates, increase referrals, and instantly build long-lasting relationships with your clients.


A monthly print newsletter allows your clients to feel like they’re being kept in the loop — which means they’ll be less likely to leave your inner circle when the competition comes a-calling. Plus, customers who stick around for the long haul are more likely to spend more money within your business. In fact, it’s more than 50% easier to sell new products or services to your existing clients than it is to a new lead or prospect — and just a 5% bump in retention could result in as much as a 25% increase in profitability. And when you consider that 80% of your future revenue will likely come from just 20% of your existing clients … well, retention rates suddenly seem pretty important.



Sending a monthly print newsletter is a surefire way to stay “top of mind,” and your clients are more likely to pass along a name they actually remember (hint: yours). On top of that, because a print newsletter is a physical object, it can easily be picked up and passed around — which is exactly what your clients are going to do with it. When you send out a monthly print newsletter, you’re automatically reaching new customers way beyond your mailing list.




The number one reason to send out a monthly print newsletter is simply this: To build relationships. After all, people like to work with people they know and like, and what’s the easiest way for your clients to get to know you? You got it, a custom newsletter. A newsletter can transform you from a nameless, faceless entrepreneur to a “friend in the business” your clients know and enjoy interacting with. Suddenly, their willingness to trust you increases tenfold — and their loyalty along with it. Now that’s the power of relationships.

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