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Let us prove to you that direct mail isn’t dead! In fact, it’s the #1 most effective way to get customers through your door and keep them there.


This book is to your business what Tom Brady is to the Patriots; they might be fine without him, but when you add the magic of Brady’s touch, it’s a blowout win every time. Likewise, businesses can run without newsletters, but the businesses who utilize newsletter marketing tend to see some pretty amazing results. We’re talking increased client retention, more leads and referrals, and crazy amounts of new clients. Newsletter Marketing is guaranteed to help you get your newsletter off the ground and running! Find out why newsletters are so important, what they can do for your clients, and  most importantly  learn all the insider secrets from the master of marketing himself, Shaun Buck  The Newsletter Pro!


Sometimes the mysteries of marketing can be a bit overwhelming, but this book walks you through one of the easiest and most profitable marketing strategies of all time. Marketing gurus have called the author, Shaun Buck, an expert in his field. The Newsletter Pro currently mails more than one million newsletters per year and successfully creates custom content for each and every one of their clients. It has been called “the best newsletter company in the world” by GKIC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Dee, who highly recommends using a newsletter. Read this book, implement the strategies, and you will be the guy who wins every. single. time.




Culture_1Golden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden Star “Okay, you wanted the truth about “Newsletter Marketing” here’s the truth… I’ve had doing a newsletter on my to-do list since 1994 when I started my business! I got Buck’s book and had a four page, full color newsletter mailed to my top 500 list within 30 days of reading the book. Issue number 4 is next month, it’s grown to 8 pages and 1000 subscribers. IF you want to finally get your newsletter done… read the dang book, or skip the book and go twenty years thinking about having a newsletter. Just be sure to pray each evening that none of your competitors read Buck’s book!”

-Wally Conway, HomePro Inspections


Golden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden Star “This book was awesome! My favorite part was reading about Shaun’s FAILS as an early entrepreneur putting out a newsletter. It was fun to see the evolution of his knowledge over time and testing and being able to take those tips and tricks without having to fail at the beginning.”

-Tina Mitchell


Golden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden Star “Shaun is doing and presenting a strategy in this book that is critical for ALL businesses. A newsletter keeps us in front of our customers and potential customers. What Shaun has outlined in this book — and given in reprints of some articles — is pure content that gives us a flavor of what to do in our newsletters. If you are hesitating, don’t. Call Shaun and discuss your questions and hesitations — he is a master at this stuff. And he gets results. 5 stars? I wish there were 6!”

-Bob Arnold


Golden StarGolden StarGolden StarGolden Star “Great information! Absolutely the book I was looking for! Going to put it to use for my real estate newsletter.”

-Jerri Banner, The Banner Team