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As a young kid, I always dreamed of becoming a business owner—that dream became a reality when I was 16 years old and I opened my first business: a pager company. Of course, pagers were on their way out… and soon my business was too. But it taught me an important lesson: perseverance. I’ve since owned a handful of successful businesses, including my dream business (and the one you’re most interested in): The Newsletter Pro. I wanted to help other business owners, like myself, market and expand their companies, and The Newsletter Pro allows me to do just that. The company took off like a rocket (we grew over 4000% in the first two years alone) and it hasn’t stopped growing ever since. For more details on my experience as an entrepreneur, speaker, and author, please visit


    Our leadership team serves and empowers our team members on their journey to becoming their best possible selves. Our Team Leads each choreograph a group of writers, designers, and project coordinators to create seamless newsletter campaigns. Our Trainers help to identify, train, and grow the native talents of each team member to help them provide the best products and customer service possible. Our management team works to build a place in which each individual talent can thrive as part of a greater purpose.

    Tasha Hussey

    Director of Operations

    Amber Barrett

    Operations Manager

    Mykeah Kranzler

    Director of Sales & Marketing


    The Administration team is responsible for keeping the company up and running. While the rest of us are busy pumping out newsletter after newsletter, they’re here to make sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, that our clients are impressed, and that we’re having a little fun while we’re at it.

    Karli McNamee

    Executive Assistant

    Katie Hill

    Billing Specialist

    Toni Townley

    Executive Assistant


    If there’s one thing our Marketing team excels in, it’s delivering a “wow” experience. The Marketing department is responsible for finding and attracting new leads, as well as maintaining our current clients. They know that direct mail isn’t dead, and they’re on a mission to prove it. With their creative powers combined, the Marketing team is in charge of developing marketing campaigns that are unique, impressive, and effective… and ultimately lead to business growth.

    Brandon Buck

    Account Manager & Marketing Coordinator

    Charlyn Mayfield

    Marketing Project Manager

    Liz Scavnicky

    Account Manager

    Megan Moore

    Account Manager

    Mauve Team

    Mint Team

    Amethyst Team


    Our newsletters are professionally printed on high-quality machines by a Production team with a fine eye for detail. For them, there’s no job too big, and no mistake too small. The Production Technicians are responsible for printing the newsletters and ensuring that the final product meets our incredibly high expectations. They are no strangers to the post office and are some of the fastest stampers this side of the Mississippi. They are arguably the most important part of the entire organization.

    Emily Stokes

    Production Manager

    Jacob Hussey

    Production Technician

    Marce Avalos

    Data Processing

    Kyle Wells

    Production Technician

    Kylyn Buck

    Production Technician

    Kyle Palhegyi

    Production Technician

    Cameron Quevedo

    Production Technician

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