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Shaun Buck here and I’m honored to have you stop by.

So I have a very special gift for you.

It’s a gift I wish someone had given me when I was 16 and trying to figure out how to grow a business.

You see, at the age of 16 I had a son. And so very early in my life I had to learn how make enough money to provide for others.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until several years later that I came to understand the power of newsletters.

So I’m excited to give you as a gift my bestselling book The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters.

Actually, I’m going to send you my book, some sample newsletters, and a special CD that talks about how to increase your referrals and triple your retention.

And I’m going to give you all this for free.

Just tell me where to mail it and I’ll pay for the book, the sample newsletters, and the special CD as well as the postage to get it to you.

You’d be amazed at the things our newsletters have helped people sell…

How about a $150,000 washing machine? 

I’m not kidding.

Here’s what happened…

Steve from Teeco Solutions recently called me to tell me he has been selling more of his $150,000 washing machines since he’s been using our newsletters.

And it all started right where you are.

Steve ordered this very same gift package I’m going to send to you and not long after, he decided that he wanted us to create a custom newsletter he could send to his prospects and existing clients.

Just like all of our customers Steve was assigned a team to create a newsletter for him.

And every month Steve's team gives him a call and starts the process of creating his newsletter including ghost writing all of the content for Steve's newsletter, this way it sounds like Steve wrote it but without him actually having to write a single word.         

These featured stories are always just the right blend of personal and professional so by the time the reader finishes the story, they feel connected to Steve, like he is their friend in the the business.

And his current clients love to keep up with what's going on with Steve and his family. These articles build and strengthen relationships which keep current customer engaged and ultimately doing more business with Steve. 

It’s a great process that we’ve developed over several years and we call it our CONNECT method.

We make the readers feel connected to our clients.

Because we consider ourselves in the relationship business… working to strengthen your relationship with your customers and prospects.

Well our CONNECT method really paid off for Steve when he had a customer walk in, open up his briefcase and show Steve every one of the newsletters he’d been receiving over the last year.  Then he said, “After reading all these, I knew you were the person I want to do business with.”

Steve not only got the sale, he got a new friend.

That’s the power of newsletters.

Which is why I show you in my book, page by page, how to use newsletters to dramatically grow your business and dominate your market, even when you have steep competition….

Actually, especially when you have steep competition.

So I know you’re going to love this gift.

All you have to do is click on the button to tell us where to mail this gift worth $249.

It’s yours just for stopping by.

Just click on the button.

Tell us where to send your gift.

And we’ll have it off to you in just one business day. 

Thanks for stopping by and we'll talk soon!



CEO, The Newsletter Pro


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Yes! I love FREE gifts!