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Building a Newsletter for Business: Nurture Campaigns

Building relationships requires constant nurturing. A nurture campaign is an automated way to keep in touch with prospects and clients throughout their journey with you. 

Nurture marketing is a series of “touches” that help establish trust and credibility with your brand. Each interaction is an opportunity to educate prospects about your product or service and help keep you top of mind. 

It takes an average of 10 marketing-driven touches to convert a lead into a revenue-generating customer. Once your prospect converts to a customer, post-sale nurture campaigns strengthen the relationship with regular communication in order to drive referrals and retention and ultimately maximize the lifetime value of the customer. 

With so many choices of places to do business, there isn’t a ton to separate your business from the pack except you, your story, your relationships with your customers, your referral partners, and your prospects. In fact, 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales.

A newsletter campaign is an integral part of nurturing because it’s consistent, compelling communication that can be tailored to prospects, buyers, or both when coupled with our list segmentation strategies and complementary direct mail products. 

Nurture Success Story

One challenge most dentists face, especially when first opening their practice, is the acquisition of new customers. Since there is usually minimal perceived differentiation in services, prospects are unaware of any reason to choose one dentist over another. Attracting new patients is often directly correlated to the dentist’s value proposition — what can a particular dentist offer that no other dentists can? Secondly, once prospects convert to new patients, an equally important challenge is that of retention. Not so much because patients are inclined to switch dentists, but because, let’s face it, people of all ages often delay or avoid dental visits. 

Robin Spangler of Elkins Dental

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60% of New Patients Represent Referrals

6% – 10% of New Patients Resulted from the New Mover Campaign