Make Email the Cherry on Top of Your Content Marketing Campaign

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Newsletters are one of the most potent ways to build lasting customer relationships. With our email newsletter package, you can harness the power of email to boost brand recognition and profit margins exponentially!

This package offers custom content across all your digital channels, maximizing conversions, retention, and referrals. The best part? It’s all written, designed, and delivered by our team of Pros. It includes a weekly email newsletter and weekly custom content you can use on your blog and your social channels. Engage with your audience across all your channels regularly and easily. All that is required of you is one hour a quarter to meet with your writer, and the rest is done for you!

When email and direct mail are combined, marketers see:


Conversion Rates

You could be getting hundreds of leads and still not see a benefit to your business if they are not converting. With the elevated conversion rate that results from adding an email newsletter to your print campaign, you could increase your overall conversion rates by as much as 40%.


Increased Leads

Lead generation can be tricky, even for businesses with efficient outreach programs. That’s why adding an email newsletter to your print campaign is a simple solution for increasing your overall lead volume.


Increased Website Visits

Increased website traffic is one of the most significant impacts email marketing can have when paired with your direct mailing campaign. This increased traffic, when paired with elevated conversion and response rates, creates a perfect recipe for big-time growth within your business.


Increased Response Rates

Communicating with an unresponsive lead can be frustrating. But adding an email newsletter to your print campaign has been shown to increase overall response rates by as much as 63%.


Our amazing designers and writers here at Newsletter Pro are experts when it comes to finding the right content that resonates with your audience. Rich, visually appealing, and full of useful information – our email newsletters are cultivated to ensure that your client communications meet your high standards. Here are some examples of what you can expect from your campaign.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

We have several email newsletter clients, who are seeing great results from their campaigns. Here’s what one client had to say:

“Newsletter Pro mails out our monthly newsletters and emails out our weekly readings, and we are always extremely impressed, as are our recipients, with the final outcome. The topics are always a great balance of professional and entertaining, and we regularly receive positive feedback from our recipients. The Newsletter Pro team creates and sends the articles out in a timely manner, and we know we can always rely on them to provide exceptional work.

“We have a wonderful working relationship with the Newsletter Pro team. Everyone we ever speak with is kind and is sure to listen and help in every way they can. They are always quick to respond to phone calls and emails and are extremely knowledgeable. Even if they are unsure of an answer to one of our many questions, they go above and beyond to find the answer from a fellow team member and get back to us. You can feel how well they work together and communicate with one another, which is important to us as well because it leads us to constantly feel taken care of and that we’re supported by multiple people. Not only do they communicate well with one another, but they communicate well with our office and are always making sure the finished product is exactly what we are imagining it to be.

“We highly recommend Newsletter Pro to anyone looking for a service like theirs. Their customer service puts them above the rest and you’ll undoubtedly be impressed with everything they do.”

— Kenneth A. Gonzalez, Merlino and Gonzalez Estate Planning and Real Estate

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