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Building a Newsletter for Business: Retention Campaigns

Retention initiatives enable you to capitalize on your greatest asset: your existing customer base. Since the cost of acquiring a new customer can be five times more than retaining an existing customer, maximizing your share of their wallet makes perfect sense. By focusing on retention, you can count on increases in ROI, customer loyalty, and growth. Focus only on growth, and you’re bound to lose loyal customers at the expense of chasing new ones. 

Newsletter campaigns cut through the marketing noise with consistent, credible communication that educates and entertains. and can circulate for up to four months! The longevity of printed newsletters is attributed to its unique ability to inform, educate and entertain. 

Retention Success Story

A common challenge most businesses encounter is customer retention. Those not engaging in compelling communication on a regular basis with their customer base risk losing them to competitors. When we examine the veterinary clinic vertical in particular, another risk to retention is the natural progression of life – the death of a beloved pet. After losing a faithful furry (or not so furry) friend, some owners take a while to adopt a new pet into their families. Some need to grieve. Some can’t bear to think of suffering a similar loss again.

Brad Petersen, DVM of Petersen Pet Hospital

Although increasing retention was an important goal, executing it begged many questions. How could they become ‘top of mind’ with current customers, past customers, and prospects? Did it even make sense to remain in contact with past customers who no longer have a living pet? If so, how could they make messaging appeal to people with and without pets?

An average of 1,161 page visits per month can be attributed to the FlippingBook newsletter

Over 533 clients per month visit the email newsletter repeatedly

About 40% of customers on Petersen’s email list open the FlippingBook newsletter each month