Newsletter Creation Process


Choose Your Content

All content is written and selected with you and your demographic in mind.


Complete Your Cover Interview

Our skilled ghost writers craft your cover article in your voice.


Choose Your Design

Armed with your unique content and a fine eye for detail, our graphic designers work their magic.



Give It Another Look

You’re in control! We’ll never print anything without your complete approval.


Approve Your Newsletter

We send you your final, perfected proof — with your stamp of approval, we’ll send it off to print.


One Last Look

Before we send it to the printer, we create a print proof. The print proof is reviewed by the editor, designer, and finally, your project manager, to ensure we didn’t miss anything either.


Hot Off The Press

The final product goes to production. They print, address, fold, and mail your newsletter within 5 days.



Got Mail?

Your newsletter now rests in the mailman’s hands. It will hit your clients’ mailboxes within 7-10 business days.



You’ve just taken a huge step towards generating value and relationships with your clients. Remember, a successful newsletter campaign is mailed at the same time each month without fail. Back to step 1!

What Makes Us Different?

Other newsletter companies might claim to be “custom,” but none of them seem to know the meaning of the word. Here at The Newsletter Pro, we know that custom means 100% done-for-you, 100% one-of-a-kind, and 100% unique. Our newsletters are created from scratch with you and your demographic in mind; they’re written by a team of skilled ghostwriters, designed by professional graphic designers, and printed on high-quality printers. In short, they’re created by a team of Pros dedicated to developing personal connections, building relationships, and providing exceptional customer service. That’s the The Newsletter Pro difference.

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