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How It Works

How the Newsletter Creation Process Works

Since 2011, Newsletter Pro has been captivating readers with unique, custom newsletters and direct mail products that have helped grow hundreds of businesses and fostered thousands of meaningful connections. Our unique process is what sets us apart! We create engaging content that fosters connections and builds strong relationships. We are masters at our craft and want to help you to engage your audience with expert content. Here’s how the process works:



An Interview With Your Ghostwriter

The content for your newsletter starts with an interview with your ghostwriter. This is where the magic happens! Each month, your writer will strategize with you to determine what content will be included in that month’s edition. Your writer will come with ideas and prompts to make the process quick and easy. Then your writer will go to work! The result – highly engaging content written in your voice with your demographic in mind.


The Design of the Newsletter

After an initial draft of the content has been written, our talented graphic designers will use their fine eye for detail to create a fresh newsletter just for you. A visually appealing design is essential for recipients to want to read the newsletter, and yours will feature your business’s branding and eye-catching graphics to keep readers engaged.


The Editing Process

Our team of editors and project managers are dedicated to putting together a successful newsletter that you are 100% satisfied with. Each newsletter goes through a rigorous editing process. You will receive a draft of the newsletter, which you will look over and let us know if there are any text errors or design edits that you would like to have made. Then the editor and designer will implement those revisions.


One Last Look

After going through the editing process, a print proof of the newsletter will be thoroughly checked one more time. The final print proof is reviewed by the editor, designer, and your project manager. This ensures that nothing has been missed. 

You are in control of your newsletter! We will never send a newsletter to the printer without getting your complete approval.


Hot Off the Press

The final newsletter goes to production! Newsletter Pro has a 7,500-square-foot facility where our production team will print, fold, address, and mail your newsletter within five business days. We also run your mailing list with the USPS database to ensure that as many people receive your newsletter as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my print newsletter to arrive once it’s mailed?

Once your newsletter has been mailed, it takes an average of 10-14 mailing days for it to arrive. (note: this can be delayed significantly during the holiday season) Clients also always have the option to upgrade to first-class postage for an additional cost, which cuts the mailing time to an average of 5-7 days.

What are the responsibilities of my project manager?

Your project manager is your go-to for campaign deliverables, schedules, and deadlines. Your Project Manager will ensure your campaign is running smoothly and on time and will be able to assist you with questions regarding the content, edits, mailing lists, and billing. In addition, your project manager will work in tandem with your writer on interview scheduling and content plans for your campaign. 

What are the responsibilities of my writer?

  • Your writer is your go-to contact and expert for all of your customized content. Shortly after your first edition interview, your writer will create a content plan for the next three editions, allowing your writer and you to collaborate on strategy. 
  • Every month, your writer will provide you with prompts for your content, and shortly after receiving those prompts, your writer and you will meet for a short interview to discuss content for the next edition. 
  • After gathering the content, your writer will create it! They will customize the content to your industry, your voice, and any specific messaging you want to convey. 
  • It may take a few editions for your writer to become familiar with your needs for customized content, so please share feedback with them! This is vitally important in the early stages of your newsletter. 

When should I reach out to my project coordinator vs my writer?

All customizable content questions and queries (i.e. ideas for cover content, links to resources you would like to highlight) should go to your writer. 

Why should I be updating my mailing list?

It’s always best practice to remove or add anyone who asks to do so each month. Additionally, an internal review of your mailing list at least once a quarter is recommended.

How do I send in those mail list updates and what format should it be in?

Your project coordinator is your point of contact for all things mailing lists, and they can share a more detailed checklist with you! 

Who should I be sending my mailing list to?

Your project coordinator