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Building a Newsletter for Business: Reactivation Campaigns

Each business is unique. Some have sales cycles with natural durations for the customer relationship. A patient receiving treatment from a physical therapist will eventually heal and cease scheduling appointments. An adolescent sees an orthodontist until their smile is absolutely perfect. However, past customers may need physical therapy again during their lifetime, and that adolescent likely has a sibling who will also require orthodontic services in the future. 

These are examples of ideal candidates for a reactivation campaign. This type of nurture campaign enables you to automate prospect revival with content that differentiates your products and services from competitors. When we target closed accounts or inactive customers with reactivation campaigns, it keeps our businesses top-of-mind. This way, when they do need us, we’re front and center. 

Similarly, sometimes prospects take so long to purchase, it appears they’ve decided not to purchase anything from anyone. Before you remove inactive subscribers from your lists altogether, a reactivation campaign can be an effective way to re-engage past customers or “lost” leads.