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Print Newsletters

Delivering a direct mail newsletter cuts through the marketing and advertising noise to help you establish meaningful connections with prospects and customers. Each newsletter edition will help earn the trust of your contacts so that they become loyal customers who spend more while actively referring you to their friends and family.

Each month you will have an interview with a dedicated writer who will custom write your newsletter content in your voice. It will feature industry-related content and personal stories that engage, educate, and connect with readers. Each edition will be expertly crafted by our graphic designers using your unique branding and style, and our production team will print and mail your newsletter directly to your contacts.

Starts at 400 Contacts

Custom Content

Branded Design & Layout

HTML & Interactive PDF

Branding Plan

Advantage Plan

Custom Plan

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Email Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to build lasting relationships with your customers. With our email newsletter package, you can harness the power of email to boost brand recognition and profit margins exponentially!

This package offers custom content across all of your digital channels, maximizing conversions, retention, and referrals, all written, designed, and delivered by our team of Pros. It includes a weekly email newsletter, and weekly custom content you can use on your blog and your social channels. Engage with your audience across all your channels regularly and easily. All that is required of you is one hour a quarter to meet with your writer, and the rest is done for you!


  • Weekly email newsletter (4 per month)
  • Custom newsletter design
  • A custom curated link and blog each week
  • Monthly digital list maintenance

Starting at just:


12-month subscription

When email and direct mail are combined, marketers see: 


Conversion Rates


Increased Website Visits


Increased Response Rates


Increased Leads

Integrated Campaigns

Integrated marketing is the process of unifying all aspects of marketing communication and using a mix of media, channels, and tactics to deliver a seamless and customer-centric experience. 

Newsletter Pro can help you build an integrated marketing campaign to meet your business goals and maximize your opportunities.  Our Pros will work with you to identify your goals, and then craft a campaign specific to meet those goals.  Integrated campaigns utilize newsletters, postcards, inserts, blog content, website content and social media in tandem to clearly communicate your key messages and reinforce your relationship with your demographic.  

Whether it’s meeting an enrollment goal for a big event, reactivating previous customers, or engaging your referral network, we can craft a campaign for your business that gets results!  

Other Print Products That We Offer


Adding postcards to your print newsletter campaign will enhance your new customer acquisition strategy. Let the Pros design, print, and mail your optimized postcard campaign. By incorporating ideal imagery, a compelling offer, the benefits of your product(s) or service(s), and a strong call to action, your direct mail response rate will soar.

Free Standing Insert (FSI)

A free-standing insert (FSI) can be incorporated with your monthly newsletter and is a perfect place to present special offers or reveal a new product or service without distracting from your newsletter’s content. Include a call to action to generate referrals, announce upcoming events, or feature product bundles. Since it stands alone, it’s easy to share with friends and family. An FSI is your go-to marketing segmentation tool if you have groups of customers with similar needs and/or interests. While your entire audience receives a newsletter, specific segments may receive an FSI with marketing messages tailored to them.

Testimonial Book

Real reviews from real customers make a real difference! One of our most powerful marketing tools, this branded booklet of customer reviews and testimonials allows your customers to tell your audience firsthand how your products and services have positively impacted their lives. We’ll create a branded testimonial book that showcases your products, services, and valued customer support. 

Celebration Cards

Celebrate those you value most with personalized birthday, anniversary, holiday, and thank-you cards. It’s simple to send meaningful and memorable customized cards to celebrate any occasion. We make the process easy — simply select the card design(s) you prefer, and we’ll coordinate the personalization details. 

Referral Builder / Physician's Update

Build your professional network and maximize referrals. First, we design your branded two-page custom layout featuring insights from credible experts’ (physicians, attorneys, orthodontists, etc.) journals on the front page. Your patients’ or clients’ results, testimonials, or a compelling case study with a clear call to action are showcased on the back side. This form of monthly direct marketing is highly effective because it is a 12-month pre-planned campaign of insightful content that helps keep you top of mind.

New Movers

Be first in line for new business with our New Movers campaign. This direct mail campaign is your first introduction to people who recently moved into the area and can be customized based on location, zip code, etc. Engaging those new to the area in a 5-step campaign with hard-to-beat special offers that are personalized for them is an ideal way to encourage new neighbors to book an appointment or buy from you first.