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3 Ways To Help Save The Earth — And Stand Out

Today, more consumers are looking for brands that genuinely care about their local economies and want to authentically provide incentives for consumers. (“Genuinely” and “authentically” are keywords here. You have to truly mean what you do.) Many companies promise to “go green,” but these days, a simple recycling program just won’t cut it. You must […]

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Land Better Leads In 3 Steps

Generating leads is one of the most vital aspects of growing your business, and the momentum needed to consistently grow is dependent on a steady supply of leads. Simply having the best product does not put you ahead of the game if you fail to generate meaningful leads. As technology advances and more competitors come […]

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Your 5-Step Guide To Building A Sales Funnel

According to a 2013 Salesforce white paper, a mind-blowing 79% of marketing leads are never converted to clients. That means on average, small businesses are only making 21% of the sales they could be. If your average client is worth $500, then for every 100 leads, you’re leaving $39,500 on the table. Are you cringing […]

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Will Your Marketing Strategy Survive?

When COVID-19 rapidly changed everything overnight, business owners worked around the clock to ensure their businesses didn’t falter. Lay-offs, Payment Protection Program loans, remote work, and — perhaps most importantly — a change to their message became vital to industries across the globe. It’s now 18 months later. If you’re still using the same marketing […]

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The Danger Of Relying On Online Marketing

The last few years, there has been a push toward online marketing. Whole companies were created to exclusively sell their products via Facebook or Instagram. I sell a ton on these platforms as well, but there is one big difference. And I have one major word of warning for anyone selling on Facebook or Instagram: […]

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Make The Leap From Good To Great

How does a company find success? How do the most well-known brands differentiate themselves and achieve what few others are seemingly capable of? In “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap … And Others Don’t,” author Jim Collins answers these questions and more. Collins builds on the idea that practically any company can […]

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Why Google Workspace Is Perfect For Your Business

What do Twitter, Spotify, and Whirlpool all have in common? They all use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to help run their business. Google Workspace is the collective name given to Google’s group of intelligent apps. These include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendars, and more. Many of you are probably familiar with at […]

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Paylocity Gives You What Your Business Needs

We’re well into 2021, and many small and medium-sized businesses continue to navigate the pandemic. We’ve all had to make some major changes along the way. Now, some are focused on getting ramped back up to pre-pandemic operations. Others are feeling the ripple effects of a still disrupted global supply chain and innovating new products […]

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