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Inject Your Business With Disney Magic

When it comes to magic, no one is more of an expert than Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Except, perhaps, the brilliant minds that run the multibillion-dollar Walt Disney Company. Disney is a global force in the entertainment industry. It has made game-changing business moves with seemingly magical payoffs, including the purchases of Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and […]

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Meet The World’s First Professional Bridesmaid

How much do you think the average American wedding costs? According to, data from 27,000 recently married couples reveals that the whole wedding package — which includes the ring, bridesmaid and groomsman attire, catering, and much more — comes out to a whopping $33,900. Considering that hefty price tag, it’s no wonder weddings have […]

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4 Simple Rules For Hiring Successfully

We are in the middle of a hiring Catch-22. A dip in unemployment is a scary prospect, but it also means more qualified employees are now available than before. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic forced more opportunities for remote work, which opens your employee pool to almost anyone. Yet, hiring is anything but easy these days. […]

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Common Reasons Your Marketing Fails

I see a ton of different marketing campaigns as well as hear the results of those campaigns, and I’ve noticed that many people make the same mistakes, causing their campaigns to fail. Here are some of the most common problems I’ve found. Not Having Good, Clean Data For Marketing  At Newsletter Pro, we see a […]

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The Greatest Obstacle To Originality Is Fear

It’s disheartening to think that there is no such thing as an original idea. Originality feels hard to come by and even harder to achieve. But don’t be deterred or let the obstacles that lay before you stop you from chasing your original ideas. In Originals: How Non-Conformists Move The World, best-selling author and noted […]

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