Best Places to Work Award: The Affirmation of Culture

by | May 3, 2018

Why The Newsletter Pro is One of The Best Places to Work in Idaho

For the last three years, The Newsletter Pro has been recognized by the Best Places to Work in Idaho committee. It’s not some fluke occurrence and certainly not by accident. We have a team of people here that give their all to making this a workplace that exceeds expectations.

Top 10 Best Places to Work in Idaho

When the Best Places to Work in Idaho survey was offered up to our team, the passion they display in their work was reflected in the results. After ending up in an honorable mention spot in 2016, and 9th place last year, we jumped two spots to number 7 for 2018!

best places to work The affirmation of this award humbles us. Finishing 7th in the Best Places to Work in Idaho isn’t just a reflection of the growth our company has experienced as a whole, but more so in the dedication of 60 phenomenal people. When our team shows up to the office every day, they pour their hearts and souls into their work. This award isn’t about prestige and recognition. It’s about every individual and the culture they help to create in our workplace.

The Affirmation of Culture

Culture is rapidly becoming the favorite buzzword of corporate America. But the more you hear it, the more convoluted its meaning becomes. The truth is, culture isn’t weaved from the fabric of fun, but instead it’s curated from the individuality of every person that makes up a team.

At The Newsletter Pro, we’re huge on company culture and our nine core values, but these aren’t wrapped up in a shiny bow to make us appear to be something we’re not. Instead, these values are sentiments we live by, work by, and allow to guide our everyday interactions with teammates, clients, and prospects.

Perhaps the most prominent aspect of our culture is the full acceptance of the imperfections of every person that sets foot in our office — we’re all human. That’s why we have core value number two: “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.” We all genuinely care about the impression we leave on others, and we consistently focus on personal improvement. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and our company grows from them. Which encompasses core value number seven “Hang On To Your Seat.”

Never Stop Moving Forward — To Bigger & Better Things

David, Bert, & NealDo we shoot each other with nerf guns? Absolutely. Do we throw things at each other? Sure. Does our boss deck out the break room with a pretty stellar snack and coffee bar? You betcha. We know how to “Work Hard and Take Fun Seriously” (core value number nine). But our culture is wholly defined by the way our humanity creates a collective experience that is something extraordinary.

Every year we push ourselves to become better and find ways to make this the actual best place to work. While we know awards don’t always encompass that, we do receive great pride from this award, especially knowing that it comes from the genuine and honest feedback of our dedicated teammates.

Watch out, 2019 — We’re coming for first place!

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