Make Customers the Hero by ‘Building a StoryBrand’

by | Feb 12, 2019

“Get to the point.” Your prospective customers may not say that to your face, but odds are that’s what they’re thinking when they see your marketing. We live in a busy world with thousands of blogs, podcasts, advertisements, and cat video compilations competing for our attention every second of every day. To cut through the noise, you need more than just a message — you need to get people emotionally invested in your brand.



You Need a Story

shareThat’s why Donald Miller wrote the Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Building a StoryBrand.” Miller is a marketing professional who has helped thousands of businesses clarify their messaging. His book is packed with the kind of wisdom that’s often left out of many advertising handbooks.

The book revolves around a singular idea: Your business needs a narrative. Storytelling is perhaps the oldest human tradition; narratives help us relate to one another and the world around us. Mastering this art form can be the difference between an effective marketing campaign and a lot of wasted money.


Make Customers the Heroes

heroAccording to Miller, your marketing should guide people on their own hero’s journey. It needs to present customers with a problem or villain and then present your products or services as the tools they can use to face down that threat. Your business shouldn’t be the knight in shining armor — it should be Excalibur.

“Building a StoryBrand” is full of such insights backed up with real-world examples and actionable steps you can implement in your next marketing campaign. If you’ve been struggling against stalled advertising efforts, this book needs to be on your nightstand.

As the Pros of the newsletter business, we see the power of narratives every day. Learning how to make a connection with your clients and cut through the noise to deliver a clear, consistent message is the key to success as a small business in the digital age. So, what’s your story?

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