Aha! Level Up With Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Here’s a secret the big companies don’t want you to know: None of them are perfect at project management. Back in the early days, they all kept track of their campaigns and ideas with messy Excel spreadsheets, dog-eared notebooks, and chart-covered whiteboards just like you. But as they grew, they leveled up. Today, those companies use tools that allow them to be nearly perfect at executing their campaigns — and one of the most vital is cloud-based project management software.

Level Up Your Team

With project management software, you can build, execute, and track your company’s projects all in one place. Collaboration and internal communication become much easier, and you can delegate tasks quickly. It can even help you manage your time and budget, among other perks. This is essential in the world we live in, where 85% of big data projects fail according to the Harvard Business Review. Project management software allows you to throw away the notebooks and whiteboards and toss out miscommunication and forgotten deadlines along with them.

Depending on the option you choose, your team will be able to access this software from anywhere, and you’ll have full transparency and control over their daily tasks. There are dozens of programs to choose from, including LiquidPlanner, Teamwork, and Zoho Projects. But right now, one particular software is the hot option: Aha!


Aha!’s Project Management Tools

Aha! bills itself as the world’s #1 Roadmaps software. It also has an Ideas software option. These two platforms can be used separately or combined, allowing you to promote an idea directly on your road map. Like many other software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, Aha! offers features like task lists, product road maps, collaboration tools, and analytics to enhance your workflow. You can also integrate it with applications like Salesforce, GitHub, Trello, Zendesk, and more. But the company has other perks that make it unique.

Aha!’s Roadmaps project management software was designed to work for companies of every size. It also serves a broad range of industries, including education, finance, law, marketing, or the nonprofit sector and will likely have tools tailored to your company’s area of expertise. Aha! users rave about its ease of access and usability. Overall, it’s a great tool for capturing, storing, and organizing your team’s ideas and client feedback.

The platform comes pre-populated with examples of features, releases, and goals, making it easy for you to understand how its various tools work together. You can organize your team’s Aha! “cards” by due date and drag them around the interface to better prioritize tasks, a unique feature among project management software options.

Create YOUR Aha! Moment

Most features on Aha! can be customized to your preferences, including the navigation tab, layouts, and workflow. You can also create portals to track deliverables and dependencies, which will keep your clients in the loop and happy with their progress.

Unlike many other businesses, Aha! isn’t under the influence of venture capital. It’s entirely self-funded and doesn’t even have a sales team. Instead, Aha! offers a robust customer success team to help businesses decide if the product is right for them. They offer daily live demonstrations to help their users get the most out of Aha!’s services.

If you want to test out Aha!, check out the 30-day free trial option offered on their website. If Aha! doesn’t seem right for your company, choose another cloud-based project management software using this guide from Forbes. You just might find that after a few weeks of using your program of choice, you’ll be ready to go out and crush your competition.

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