It May Be Crazy Hard, But It Will Give You Crazy Success!

Have you noticed that everyone today is looking for the easy button for success in both life and business? It is crazy how many people want to avoid any and all complexity or challenge.

I hear about it all the time from “entrepreneurs.” Entrepreneurs will literally tell me how much they want to be millionaires, and then in the same breath, they’ll talk about not wanting to have a business or marketing tactic that is too complicated.

They’ll say, “I don’t want to implement that idea because it seems too hard.” … What? Are you crazy? Hard is what we do. Hard is why you get paid hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. You don’t get to six or seven figures by working 40 hours a week doing the easy things in life.

The Fake-preneur

hard workThis desire for no hard work is coming, in part, from all the fake get-rich-quick garbage that is on the internet — a rented Lamborghini for their video in front of a mansion that they found on Airbnb, or a photo of a Rolls Royce on the runway with a private jet in the background. Or worse yet, you’ll see a video of them on a private jet claiming it is theirs, but when they walk in, you can see the initials of the real owner embroidered on the headrests.

It’s ALL fake, and people actually do this. Whether it’s on YouTube or any other social media channel, people fake entrepreneurship. Of course, these fake entrepreneurs go beyond the internet, but they are defined as wanting something for nothing. 

You know what it costs to take a private plane from San Diego to Las Vegas? About $2,500. If you’re at all successful and part of what you’re selling is a fantasy lifestyle, $2,500 for your trip to Vegas to record videos that will help you sell $50K worth of product is simply a marketing cost. Of course, these people are likely on Southwest in a middle seat back to San Diego, but who cares? No one is filming that.

I know three people who have private jets — all real entrepreneurs. If I wanted to make a video, how hard would it be to sit in their hangar and film? It wouldn’t even cost me anything.

Back To Reality

myth realityThe reality is no one is getting rich quick. There are no overnight-millionaire makers. There are no secrets that are legal and bring you massive piles of cash in a short period of time. People who claim to get rich quickly are lying or cheating someone in some way. They are frauds.

If you follow internet marketing at all, you may have noticed that most of the gurus don’t sell as many huge courses. A few years ago, it was all the rage to have a million-dollar launch in 7 1/2 minutes. Of course, the 7 1/2 minutes didn’t count the months spent putting the campaign together to sell all those units or the weeks spent making the course.

The other problem with this business model is that your product and ideas can be easily ripped off, and once you’ve sold the product, paid affiliates, and covered the 20% returns, that million-dollar launch turns into $300,000, and unless you create another product, you’re out of business.

The alternative to “get rich quick” is to find a business or marketing technique that is complicated — one that would be difficult to copy.

Success Is Hard

successI know nine people who have seen the success we’ve had at The Newsletter Pro and have tried to copy us. From those nine people, I know of nine failed businesses. Why? To be blunt, what we do is flipping hard.

We may make it easy for our customers, but make no mistake: To make a custom newsletter that sounds like it was written by another business owner and gets opened and read is not easy. I don’t have 60 employees because I simply want to employ all of Boise, Idaho; I have them because that’s what is needed to execute at a high level for my business.

The reason those nine people who copied us failed is because my team and I have taken something that is very complicated and created systems and processes that make it easier for us to execute. Trying to create this company from scratch without those systems and processes is extremely difficult. 

Another reason why I was successful is that I had almost no competition. The product we have today isn’t the same one we started with. We’ve come a long way, and the quality of our product has improved drastically. 

So, a new company coming in and trying to compete has to at least get close to our quality or they simply won’t get the business, and to get close to our quality without all of our systems in place is nearly impossible. 

Complexity Is King

confusedThis is why I love complexity. This is why I embrace hard stuff in business. These systems and processes also make the company more valuable from a resale standpoint, which is a crucial added benefit.

Complexity in business doesn’t always have to come in the form of a complex business model. It can come in the form of complex marketing, which, in some ways, is better than a complex business model.

We’re working on a top-secret project right now that is likely going to generate thousands of new leads and millions of dollars in new revenue every year for The Newsletter Pro, but it is going to cost me personally hundreds of hours of work to launch.

I’m 90% sure this campaign is going to work, and I’ll share the details once it launches, but like anything else, there is no guarantee. Assuming it goes as planned, we will turn a massive profit on all of our lead generation, taking customer acquisition cost from an expense to a revenue generator.

It is going to be hard, but once I get it working, it will be another business that has the added benefit of feeding The Newsletter Pro.

Doing what others are unwilling to do is what will get you to the top. Wanting to work 40 hours a week or less in a lifestyle business is fine if that’s what you want, but don’t complain when you’re not making seven figures in profit per year.

Embrace The Challenge 

embrace the challengeWhere can you create or double down on a complex process that will be difficult to duplicate? Where can you create intellectual property that competitors will never see, and even if they did see some of it, it would be just one piece of the puzzle?

Can you take a complex part of your business that is currently a liability and simplify it so that complexity becomes an asset?

This is how you build a cash-making, wealth-building machine. Don’t run from the difficult; embrace it, own it, and simplify it, and your business will thrive and profit.

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