Why A Print Newsletter Is A Dental Marketer’s Dream

by | May 26, 2017

An Interview With Shaun Buck

When a dental practice is looking to eliminate patient attrition and multiply referrals, they turn to Shaun Buck, known throughout the industry for pushing results-driven, direct mail strategy to the forefront of the marketing world. In May, he sat down with Lou Donato of Watkins Dental Associates to discuss why a custom print newsletter is the way to make a dental practice stand out in the middle of an overcrowded field. Read the full interview here.


“We all joke that Starbucks is everywhere,” Shaun says, “but in the U.S., there are 16 dental offices for every Starbucks.” This intense competition requires that dental offices “jealously guard their patients” through dedicated retention methods.

As Shaun tells Lou, a content-driven custom print newsletter is the perfect tool for doing just that, by establishing a personal relationship between a practice and its patients, while maintaining top-of-mind awareness. Not only that, but newsletters serve as a media platform for offers, promotions, in-office events, and contests.

As Shaun puts it, “With the average competition in your mailbox at an all-time low, and the average competition in your inbox at an all-time high … Having a print newsletter — for any professional — is more important than it has ever been.”


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