Ring, Ring: The Expert Called YOU

by | Oct 15, 2019

Today is the best and hardest time in history to build a business. Why? Because sharing knowledge has never been easier. That means access to strategies, stories, and advice is readily available. The catch is that the information is available to everyone, and competition is fierce. But the difference between stories of success and those of failure is in how that information is used. 

This is where Jeanine Blackwell’s newest book “The Expert Called YOU: How 8 Experts Built a Business and Life They Love, Sharing What They Know (and How You Can, Too)” comes in handy. It focuses on business success stories and what they mean and why their models are relevant. It also gives you a chance to explore Jeanine’s business models and discover the best ways to implement them yourself. 

What Makes Jeanine An Expert?

notesBesides world-renowned author J.K. Rowling, not many people can say they came up with a successful 7-figure business idea on a napkin. But in just 2 years, Jeanine Blackwell went from a corporate career as the head of learning and strategy to a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and to Amazon’s #1 Course Creation Expert. And just like J.K. Rowling, Jeanine plotted her future plans across the top of a napkin during a solo dinner on a business trip. Since the night she sat in that restaurant scrawling some goals, Jeanine has become a leading expert in online course generation and has been recognized as a Top 40 Business Coach. She’s the author and inventor of Create 6-Figure Courses™ and the “Mindset, Method, and Momentum” model.

How Will This Book Help You?

blueprint“The Expert Called YOU” is a humorous but insightful guide that equips entrepreneurs with expertise on how to make a big impact and earn a large paycheck. Using her methods for generating revenue and attracting customers and several types of business owners, she can scale companies in a highly profitable way.

Jeanine’s book opens with advice on how to make an impact doing what you love while living the life you always imagined. Then, she introduces readers to her 8 featured experts who have created their own businesses using their tailored knowledge. These behind-the-scenes, business-building blueprints detail an array of success stories rarely documented in one book. Hairstylists, psychologists, business coaches, teachers, authors, and artists alike share their journeys to success. And with each one of them, Jeanine explores the pitfalls that hold people back and the ways they escaped those pitfalls to eventually achieve success. It’s all anchored in her “Mindset, Method, and Momentum” model and will be the inspiration you need to start implementing your own success.


Don’t Forget The Best Part 

growthLet’s be as transparent as possible. As business owners, we’re all looking to achieve the same thing: Make a big impact and earn some cash. We’ve heard the crazy stories and rollercoaster backgrounds that lead successful people down the path to where they are now. In my time traveling down several of those paths, I’ve discovered there’s no one way to conduct business successfully. But there are proven principles every entrepreneur should abide by to make that road to success easier to travel. Jeanine’s “The Expert Called YOU” shares tried and true paths that many have followed to greatness. It not only regales success stories, but it also breaks down the how and why of those success stories into tangible advice that you can implement into your own business. It’s about as close as you’ll get to a catch-all guidebook to success.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a leveraged business for yourself and get the freedom you want and deserve. Download your free — yes, I’ll say it again — free copy of “The Expert Called You” by clicking on this link and stop holding yourself back.

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