FALL In Love With These Autumn Team-Building Activities: Zoom or In-Person

by | Sep 13, 2022

What inspires and motivates your employees to work? According to a recent survey involving more than 200,000 employees, respect among peers is the top reason why employees strive for better results. Making team-building activities (zoom or in-person) extremely important for your company culture.  

Fall Team-Building Activities: Zoom or In-Person

Of course, respect isn’t available for purchase; you have to earn it, and you can do a few things to get started. If you give your team the right opportunity, they can develop genuine connections with you and their fellow coworkers.

Whether your employees are near or far, these autumn-themed team-building activities (zoom included) will break the ice right before the winter holiday season. 

No. 1: Escape Rooms (There Are Virtual Options, Too) 

Ever tried a season-themed escape room? Many corporate offices have loved sending their teams to escape rooms — and for good reason. Unlike most group activities, escape rooms provide a little something for everyone, such as logical challenges, creative problem-solving, and opportunities to simply boost team morale. It’s a team effort you won’t forget, especially when an unexpected breakthrough happens. 

If there isn’t an escape room in your area, or if your team is remotely operated, consider a virtual escape room instead for some team-building activities zoom or other video platforms can host. 

No. 2: Trivia Night 

It’s cold, so stay indoors for trivia night! In order to create a successful trivia night, you should pick a catchy theme — and you’ll want to know your team’s interests. What kind of hobbies are most popular? How many people are cooking or sports enthusiasts? Do you have a surprising amount of film buffs? You can create your questions around a healthy mix of their interests so that everyone has a shot. On the other hand, a catchy theme (i.e. ‘90s pop songs) can be enough to let people have fun and even prepare … if they prefer to work hard and play hard.

No. 3: Pumpkin Carving 

Did you know that about 45% of Americans carve pumpkins for Halloween? If you did know, it may be no surprise to you that 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the United States every year. If you’re part of the top 45% and you’ll be carving pumpkins this year no matter what, why not turn that into a team-building activity? Zoom meeting or in-person, you should consider hosting a pumpkin carving contest to promote friendly competition. If you are in-person, you might want to even provide carving tools and pumpkins as a simple way for your team to be creative together. Either way, this group activity is best with some warm, cozy drinks! 

pumpkin carving

No. 4: Charity Event(s)

Nothing brings people together like a good cause. Sometimes, creating a difference in your local community is the best way to incentivize your team. In fact, according to the United Health Group, over 78% of American adults say that volunteering lowers their stress. During the busy season, it might help relieve some pressure if you give your team the opportunity to do some good in the world. You can even offer extra donation matches or pledges if certain team goals are met. 

No. 5: Thanksgiving Potluck

Last, but certainly not least, consider an old-fashioned Thanksgiving potluck. Instead of drooling over photos, give everyone the chance to try each other’s signature Thanksgiving dishes. It’s an excellent way to feast, enjoy some camaraderie, and make new memories before putting your nose back to the grindstone.

team building activities zoom

For fully remote offices, consider a recipe swap. This is a great way to bring the spirit of a potluck to a virtual office.

Did any of these ideas inspire you? Let us know. At Newsletter Pro, your story is always interesting to us.

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