Funny Newsletters: 7 Daily Picks for Guaranteed Giggles

The other day, a funny email featuring a comic in my inbox had me chuckling before I’d even had my first sip of coffee, despite usually being annoyed by email newsletters. It was from one of those humorous emails, a cartoon newsletter that captures life’s quirks perfectly through musings and humor research. Suddenly, reading the news on the internet felt less like a service and more like catching up with an old friend who always knows just what to say, sparing me from annoying email newsletters and saving precious time for my thoughts. This blend of musings and funny emails is reshaping how businesses communicate their thoughts on everything—from their latest advancements to everyday work stuff—making email marketing to subscribers feel less like a chore and more like a highlight in our digital world. When a newsletter can make you laugh with funny emails, you’re not just informed; you’re entertained, and that’s something subscribers to even the most annoying email newsletters could appreciate more of, according to humor research.

The Allure of Funny Newsletters

Funny newsletters, infused with humor research, offer a refreshing twist to everyday emails and become viral hits on social media, attracting more subscribers and engaging people. They also foster a sense of community among subscribers and people interested in the business through shared humor in funny emails.

Break From Monotony

Traditional news can be, well, kind of a snooze-fest for people, unlike those annoying email newsletters that humor research shows can actually engage subscribers. It’s the same old annoying email newsletters flooding inboxes, and let’s be honest, for people, it can get downright depressing day in and day out. Enter funny newsletters – these are like that class clown who could make even the most monotonous lecture bearable for people. Instead of the usual gloom and doom, they serve up current events with a side of chuckles. It’s like your morning coffee; sure, you could survive without it, but why would you want to?

Social Media Gold

Nowadays, if something is funny or even remotely amusing, it spreads like wildfire on social media. Funny newsletters are no exception! People love sharing stuff that makes them laugh because laughter is contagious. Imagine scrolling through your feed filled with cat videos and memes when suddenly you come across a hilarious take on today’s headlines from an email newsletter – jackpot! You hit share without thinking twice because you know your friends will get a kick out of it too.

Laughter Builds Community

There’s something special about laughing together; it’s like an instant bond forms between people. That’s exactly what happens with readers of funny newsletters. Each edition feels like an inside joke among friends where everyone is in on the laugh. This isn’t just another annoying email newsletter clogging up your inbox; this is the highlight of your day! And before you know it, you’re part of this cool club where everyone gets the punchline.

Top Picks for Comedy Newsletters

The world of funny newsletters is a playground for some seriously witty minds. From the sharp-tongued satire to the quirky quips, these writers are rocking our inboxes.

You’ve got folks like Sarah Cooper, who went viral with her lip-sync impressions of politicians. She brings that same belly-laugh-inducing humor to her newsletter ‘The Cooper Review.’ Then there’s David Sedaris, whose essays could make milk snort out your nose. His newsletter feels like you’re getting an exclusive peek into his hilarious diary.

Humor Styles Variety

No two chuckles are the same, and these newsletters prove it. Each one has its unique flavor of funnies that keeps subscribers coming back for more.

Take ‘The Skimm,’ which turns top news stories into bite-sized comedic gold. It’s perfect if you like your current events with a side of sass. Or maybe you’re into deadpan humor? Then ‘Cake Wrecks’ will be your jam, showcasing hilariously disastrous cakes with commentary that’s dry as a desert.

Frequency and Consistency

Like your favorite TV show, the best comedy newsletters have a rhythm to their madness. They hit your inbox just when you need them most.

‘The Onion’ never misses a beat with its weekly delivery of fake news stories so ridiculous they might just be genius. And let’s not forget about ‘McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.’ Their frequent posts keep readers giggling throughout the week with off-the-wall short pieces and open letters.

Discover Humor on Substack

Substack is buzzing with fresh comedic talents, and their subscription models are quite a hit. These funny newsletters span a kaleidoscope of topics, ensuring chuckles and belly laughs.

Emerging Comedic Voices

Substack isn’t just for news junkies or niche hobbyists. It’s become a stage where the next generation of jokesters cut their teeth. Think of it as an open mic night that never ends, but instead of a dingy bar, it’s in your inbox. New writers are popping up like popcorn, each with their own flavor of humor.

They’re not just tossing out one-liners either. These folks weave stories that have you snorting coffee through your nose on a Monday morning. And guess what? You get to be part of their journey from unknowns to comedy gold status.

Subscription Models Shine

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents—or lack thereof sometimes. Many funny newsletters on Substack start free as a bird. But once they’ve got you hooked on their puns and punchlines, they’ll offer extra goodies if you throw some coin their way.

It’s like getting backstage passes to your favorite band—exclusive content, Q&As, maybe even a shoutout making you the hero of the joke world for a day. Plus, by subscribing, you’re basically the patron saint of laughter, helping these comics keep the lights on while they write.

A Buffet of Topics

And oh boy—the smorgasbord of subjects these newsletters cover! From politics to parenting mishaps or even tales from the tech trenches—all dripping with satire so sharp it could slice bread.

One day you might read about an alien’s take on human dating rituals; next thing you know, there’s a satirical deep-dive into why cats are plotting world domination (they totally are). The range is bonkers—in the best way possible.

Satire Meets Podcast

Some creators don’t stop at witty words—they bring in the big guns with podcasts too! Imagine this: You’re knee-deep in an article about why pineapple does (or does NOT) belong on pizza when bam—you see there’s also a podcast episode about it.

You click play and suddenly there’s this voice—a real person cracking jokes and interviewing other pizza pundits while you nod along vigorously because yes—this is quality content!

Characteristics of Hilarious Newsletters

Funny newsletters have a secret sauce: clever subject lines and a mix of jokes with useful info. They’re like the class clown who also aces the tests.

Witty Subject Lines

Imagine your inbox is a party, and every email’s vying for attention. Funny newsletters are the life of the party, thanks to their snappy subject lines. They’re like that one friend who can make you laugh before they even tell the joke. These crafty openers are not just to tickle your funny bone but to bump up those open rates too.

A subject line that says “Warning: You’ll LOL at This” beats “Monthly Update #34” any day, right? It’s all about making someone curious enough to click. And stats back this up – emails with humor in their subject lines can see open rates soar!

Visual Jokes Galore

Now, let’s talk visuals. Ever opened an email and actually laughed out loud at a meme or a goofy GIF? That’s what hilarious newsletters do best. They use visual gags that stick with you long after you’ve closed the email.

These aren’t just random pictures; they’re carefully chosen to get you chuckling and keep you scrolling. Think of them as comic relief in your day-to-day drama series called ‘Life’. Memes resonate because they’re relatable; they reflect our everyday goof-ups in a light-hearted way.

Informative Yet Fun

But here’s where it gets really cool: funny newsletters know how to blend humor with stuff you need to know. It’s like hiding veggies in a tasty smoothie – you get the good stuff without even noticing.

They serve up facts and insights sandwiched between laughs so it feels less like learning and more like fun. And before you know it, you’ve been schooled on something new without the bore of a lecture hall vibe.

Enhancing Engagement with Humorous Emails

Onboarding New Subscribers

First impressions are a big deal, especially in emails. That’s why a chuckle-worthy welcome can make your new buddies feel right at home. Imagine opening your inbox to find a message that doesn’t just say “Hey there!” but cracks you up instead. It’s like starting off on the right foot with a smile.

Future newsletters won’t be snooze-fests either. We’re talking sneak peeks at the laugh-out-loud content lined up for subscribers. And those CTAs? They’ll have you clicking faster than you can say “LOL” because who can resist a good giggle?

Promotions That Make You Laugh

Sales pitches don’t have to be dry and boring. In fact, they shouldn’t be! A joke here and there in your newsletter could turn even the most serious of readers into eager shoppers.

Imagine highlighting this week’s hot deal with a pun that tickles your funny bone. Now that’s memorable marketing! And when it’s time for the holidays or special events, we go all out with themed jokes that get everyone in the spirit—and reaching for their wallets.

Re-engaging Inactive Users

Got ghosted by some of your subscribers? A witty subject line might just be the nudge they need to open up those long-lost emails again.

“Long time no see” deals come packed with humor because nothing says “We miss you” quite like making someone snort their morning coffee. And if we want their two cents on how we’re doing, offering a chuckle along with our survey links works wonders.

The Art of Crafting Funny Cold Emails

Funny newsletters grab attention. They make a memorable first impression.

Start with a Joke

Imagine opening your inbox to find a chuckle waiting for you. That’s the power of starting off with humor. A clever joke or pun can break the ice and warm up the reader to your message. But, it’s not just about being funny – it’s about being smart funny.

Personalize Your Humor

Everyone loves feeling special, right? Personalizing humor shows you’re not sending cookie-cutter emails. Dive into their industry lingo or reference something they’re passionate about. It shows effort and can create an instant connection.

Short, Sweet, Memorable

Your email is one in a sea of many. Keep it concise to make sure it doesn’t sink without a trace. A witty one-liner or a quick quip can be more effective than paragraphs of text.

Maximizing Conversions with Cart Abandonment Humor

Funny newsletters can turn a forgotten shopping cart into a sale. They use humor to remind shoppers about what they left behind and offer incentives to finish checking out.

Injecting Wit Into Reminders

Ever get an email that made you chuckle? That’s the goal here. When someone leaves items in their online shopping cart, it’s like leaving groceries on the conveyor belt at the store. A witty reminder can be just the nudge they need to come back. Think of it as a friendly poke rather than a pushy sales tactic.

“Hey, did you forget something?” works, but “Your shopping cart is lonelier than a cactus at a water park!” has more zing. It’s unexpected and paints a funny picture in your mind.

Creating A Narrative

People love stories. They stick with us longer than facts do. So when we spin a tale about those abandoned items, we make them memorable. Imagine getting an email saying, “Your sneakers are training for a marathon in your cart, waiting for you to lace up and join the race!”

It’s not just about reminding customers; it’s about engaging them. You’re inviting them back into the story where they’re the main character, and their happy ending is just one checkout away.

Laugh-Worthy Incentives

Now let’s sweeten the deal with some giggles! Offering an incentive is cool, but making it laugh-worthy? That’s genius! Instead of “Get 10% off,” how about “Come back and save enough for a coffee—or twelve!”

Incentives could even be playful challenges like, “Can you checkout before this puppy falls asleep?” Attach an adorable gif of a snoozing pup for maximum effect.

FAQs on Subscribing to Humor Newsletters

Subscribing to humor newsletters can spice up your inbox. Let’s tackle some common questions with a dash of fun.

Subscription Process Explained

Got questions about signing up for those chuckle-worthy newsletters? No sweat, it’s a piece of cake. Think of it like inviting a comedian into your email party. You simply hit the ‘subscribe’ button, and voilà, you’re in for a treat! It’s just like following your favorite meme page but straight to your inbox.

Common Concerns Addressed

Worried about getting spammed with too many jokes? Fear not! These laugh-filled emails usually come just often enough to tickle your funny bone without being annoying. And if you’re wondering whether they’ll share your email with other jokesters, most won’t dare – that’s no laughing matter!

Unsubscribe Policies Highlighted

Feeling overwhelmed by too much giggling at your screen? If you ever decide that the comedy hour in your inbox has run its course, unsubscribing is as easy as finding Waldo in an empty room. Just scroll down and click ‘unsubscribe’, no hard feelings or dreary processes here.



What makes a newsletter funny?

A funny newsletter typically includes witty writing, humorous anecdotes, or entertaining content that engages readers with a laugh. Think of it as the comic strip of email content.

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