Heinz Proves You’re Never Too Old To Change Your Marketing

by | Sep 29, 2022

There has always been a demand for ketchup and canned goods, but when the pandemic struck, panic swept through the nation. All of our favorite products were in such short supply that some even were wiped clean off the shelves. During this time many businesses slowed their marketing strategies, but Heinz saw an opportunity to enhance its own. 

How Heinz Successfully Pivoted Their Marketing

Success In Every Bottle

As a result of the pandemic, Heinz noticed a 337% increase in sales from March 2019 to March 2020. This sparked the geniuses at Heinz to come up with a new idea. 

Today, the global company has a variety of products, including barbecue sauce, steak sauce, mayonnaise, beans, soups, and even vinegar. Rather than flooding the weary grocery store chains with hungry patrons, Heinz introduced its United Kingdom consumers to Heinz To Home, a delivery service that brought everyone’s favorite Heinz products right to their doors.

For the U.S. equivalent of $17, U.K. consumers would be able to receive 16 cans of cream of tomato soup, beans, and Heinz Hoops — similar to Chef Boyardee SpaghettiOs — via delivery. The project has also partnered with an organization that supports the U.K. military and health services programs, providing free shipping costs to those who made orders.

How ‘Heinz To Home’ Adapted Their Marketing in The Crisis

The world has gone through some major shifts within the last few years, and one might think that it is too late for a company to pivot its business model to something that provides resources to the public. But, we are in the midst of a changing world, and inevitably more crises will likely arise.

But, instead of worrying about these changes, businesses should plan for potential pivots during a crisis. By developing this brilliant pandemic strategy, Heinz has positioned itself as a leader in two simple ways.

Getting Goods To Consumers

Many recall the shortages of nonperishables, toilet paper, and paper towels during the beginning of the pandemic, but Heinz made sure that their loyal customers never had to go without. Customers didn’t even have to consider another company because Heinz was quick to adapt to their needs.

Supporting Their Community

Heinz joined a community effort by offering discounts to those called upon to serve during the pandemic. It kept the lines of communication open to its customers to make them aware that it was an active community partner. Not only did Heinz To Home allow consumers to stay in the safety of their homes, but it also reduced the spread of the virus.
Heinz’s willingness to not follow the status quo has proven beneficial to the community and the brand as a whole. That’s why Henry J. Heinz changed the marketing game and sold his products in clear bottles — so consumers could see his superior product — and why, nearly 2 centuries later, his company successfully pivoted during the pandemic.

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