Do Your Online Reviews Say Your Business Is 3.5 Stars?

If you’ve read, you know we’re all about word-of-mouth marketing. That’s why we just had to take our hats off to RevenueJump, a software company that’s helping small businesses get the most out of online reviews.

How Revenuejump Can Boost Your Online Reviews

If you’re struggling to build (or clean up) your company’s online reputation, this is one resource you can’t go without.

Shoot For The Stars

Potential customers are judging your business before they’ve even come through the front door. According to the consumer analytics group Invesp, 90% of consumers check online reviews before visiting a business. Of these potential customers, 92% say they’ll use a local business if it has at least a four-star rating.

But how do you meet this high standard when all it takes is one or two bad reviews to tank your score? That’s where RevenueJump comes in … and it’ll integrate with Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many more sites where reviews are commonly found.

The Fault In Online Reviews

What frustrates most business owners when trying to build a positive online reputation is how unbalanced reviews can be. Leaving a review feels like a chore for most customers, meaning they’ll only do it if they feel strongly about your service one way or the other.

RevenueJump tackles this problem head-on by emailing or texting recent customers with simple, one-click surveys.

This simple change has led businesses to see up to a 600% increase in positive reviews. RevenueJump helps the customers you satisfy every day add their voice to the conversation.

Beyond The Ratings

RevenueJump does far more than streamline the review process. Their analytics software helps you identify the areas of your business that are wowing customers and the areas that leave much to be desired. Furthermore, RevenueJump has an optional filter that will intercept negative reviews, giving you a chance to privately address a customer’s concerns before they’re made public.

Last but not least, RevenueJump automates the referral process, sending satisfied customers your latest referral offer through their one-click survey.

Surveys are a common, powerful way to boost your customer satisfaction (and therefore, online reviews) from the inside out. However, the tools RevenueJump offers will allow you to take control of your business’s online reputation. By fostering an influx of positive reviews and giving you the power to proactively address customer concerns, this software is nothing short of marketing rocket fuel. 

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