If You Aren’t Updating Your Mail List, You’re Losing Money

by | Feb 18, 2022

At Newsletter Pro, we’re proud to give our clients a very hands-free experience when it comes to putting together the content for their newsletter. We certainly have tricks and tips for choosing the storytelling content you want to create (as we’ve covered!). For the most part, all we need from you to create and mail a monthly newsletter is a 15-minute interview and an emailed approval for the final newsletter. 

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However, one hands-on aspect to your newsletter requires a little of your in-house marketing savviness — your mailing list. 

‘My mailing list? But it’s just a list of all my customers!’

Not all your customers benefit from receiving a print newsletter. This can surprise our clients! But, as your in-house Newsletter Pros, let us explain why this is true through the simple example of personalized news feeds on Facebook.

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Let’s say you need a dentist, and Facebook is your main social media platform. Facebook has become an endless source of social interaction, communities across all hobbies and interests, and even shopping and news. That’s because Facebook recognizes when you’ve started looking up reviews of local dentist offices. It begins to give you ads related to dental products, or even the latest dentistry news. Suddenly, your newsfeed has toothbrush ads popping up until you eventually move on to new needs and interests. 

There’s a reason why Facebook is seen as addictive. It automatically takes advantage of a customer’s attention span by changing an advertisement’s “mailing list” to match every individual customer’s interest with the industry or business. 

To properly utilize your mailing list and get the highest ROI possible, you need to act as your own Facebook algorithm. For example, if a customer hasn’t shown any sign of interest or life in the past few years, mailing them monthly may not change anything, and you’re wasting valuable dollars. 

‘What are the variables to my “mailing list algorithm”?’

Now that you know you need to act as your own ROI “algorithm” for your mailing list, what does that mean? What criteria do you work from? Here’s where you should start. 

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How frequently do you see or hear from this customer or client? Customers who have a higher number of visits with you are more likely to return and generate repeat business opportunities. 

They’re also going to be a great resource for getting referrals because people refer services to others that they use themselves frequently. Keep your repeat customers on your list until they no longer repeat or opt out of being on your list!


If a customer has been in to see you during the last 90 days, even if it was for the first time, they’re more likely to return to you over customers outside that 90-day window. That makes following up with them the key to top-of-mind awareness. 

The further customers outside that window get, the colder their temperature is going to be. But if they were a big spender or came in for a lot of visits/had multiple purchases during that time, they can still be worth mailing to.

If you have customers/patients who haven’t purchased from you in 18–24 months and haven’t heard from you or reciprocated in that time, they will be a pretty cold mark, which means you have to treat them like a cold lead to restart the relationship. 

Amount Spent

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If a patient/customer spent an above-average amount with you during their visit, or was consistent cash-paying, then they qualify for your mailing list. Even if they happen to be outside the above parameters of frequency and recency. 

If they were willing to spend a lot of money with you before, chances are they’re willing to spend money again. You’ll want to be at the front of their mind when they’re ready to make their spending decisions. 

To sum it all up …

The ideal person on your mailing list will depend on your goals. But, generally, you’ll want the most frequent and recent customers on your mailing list, with the small exception of those who have spent the most money, even if they aren’t as recent or frequent. If you do this, you’ll definitely hook more engaged readers on your newsletter. You’ll even grow your list long after a client may have required your services (such as in the case of law firms). 

We hope these tips help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Newsletter Pro team member if you have any questions on your mailing list. We’re always available to help your newsletter reach its highest potential!

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