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by | Oct 14, 2021

Generating leads is one of the most vital aspects of growing your business, and the momentum needed to consistently grow is dependent on a steady supply of leads. Simply having the best product does not put you ahead of the game if you fail to generate meaningful leads.

As technology advances and more competitors come out of the woodwork, producing successful leads has become more difficult. Social media, television, radio, billboards, and many other forms of media are the standard for advertising and generating business in successful campaigns. Using these various methods can garner leads, but they do not ensure leads will be worthwhile or provide a strong return on investment (ROI).

How can you generate the best possible leads for your business? We came up with a 3-step process to produce better leads and, in turn, create a much higher ROI.

Find The Right Leads And Refine Your Mailing List

One of the worst mistakes a new business can make is not defining who its customers are. Simply having a social media presence is not going to generate solid leads. You need to define your target customer and appeal to them. It’s also beneficial to use a lead source that allows you to micro-target your list.

There are many different avenues you can take to reach the correct audience. A customer lookalike report can be a great place to start. This report provides users with a list of potential new customers that share attributes with their most successful customer lists. It essentially helps you find prospective leads that share characteristics with your current customer base.

After many years of generating leads, your mailing lists can become bulky. Many of the contacts on your lists may have obsolete email accounts or duplicate emails. Data hygiene services are an important asset to increase efficiency in lead generation, lead tracking, and customer service situations.

These programs dig through your mailing list and remove outdated, duplicated, and unreachable customers who are negatively impacting your ROI. Newsletter Pro helps maintain our clients’ mailing lists. If you’re looking for a way to enhance engagement, improve ROI, and ensure your mail is going to the best places, look no further.

Know The Best Method Of Contact

In a society where technology is rapidly advancing, direct mail still reigns king in the marketing and lead-generating world. Many people receive hundreds of emails every day they never open. When you’re sending out communication through email, you never know if it will end up in a spam folder.

Direct mail allows you to get something physical in front of your customers. Digital advertisements and media all seem to blend together, but print mail is different. It grabs your client’s attention as soon as they retrieve it from their mailbox. But simply sending out mail is not enough. You need to make sure your direct mail maintains your company’s message and directly applies to the customers receiving it.

In order to ensure your campaign is having the greatest impact, it is imperative that your message lines up across all platforms. Digital marketing, when done right, can be an advantageous tool. Your direct mail and digital campaigns should align so you can grab your clients’ attention on multiple levels.

Sometimes, when leads are providing information to enroll in a mailing list or enter a promotion, they make simple mistakes. A single missed letter in an email or poor handwriting can prevent a business from reaching that lead. Consumer and business data append services prevent these issues by filling in any missing or incorrect information.

Use A CRM Platform To Manage Your Leads

Having a mailing list is great, but if you don’t know about those on the list, you’ll be out of luck. When you first start a business, it may seem easy to use spreadsheets to keep track of your clients. But as your business grows, this method becomes overwhelming and ineffective.

Enrolling in a customer relationship management (CRM) system streamlines many processes. CRM systems allow you to effectively manage your contacts, plan out marketing, and provide customer support to your growing client base. Additionally, if you have multiple employees working with a single client, you can keep all of their communication in one place.

CRM systems also provide analytics that can help shape your campaign and provide you with further insight into your clients. This extra information can help you develop a cross-selling or upsell plan custom-made for your customers. It also allows you to get a more general idea of the specifics of your client base. This can help you choose a campaign path that best fits your clientele and encourages them to work with your business.

Put It To Practice

There are many different variables to consider when trying to grow your business, but the need for generating leads remains a constant. If you do not know who your customer is, it is difficult to put together a meaningful marketing campaign. By following these steps, you will create a relevant and helpful mailing list that will boost your ROI for years to come.

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