Leading With Love

by | Feb 15, 2022

This Valentine’s Day season, Newsletter Pro is focusing on one keyword: love. We work tirelessly all year long to foster a work environment that puts love, kindness, and compassion first. For us, it’s about more than just “being nice” to our staff. It’s about ensuring everyone at Newsletter Pro feels valued and can do their best to make our organization better each day.

How Altruism Leads To Better Workplace Outcomes

That’s not just some vague hope we have for our organization, either. It’s the cornerstone for what makes our company great. It’s why we’ve been featured on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. We were also named a Best Place to Work in Idaho in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Some team members have worked with us for 6 or more years, and some of them have been with us since the beginning.

But it’s not just about what we think works best for our organization. Altruism in the workplace has been shown to improve results across the board, especially when it starts at the level of management. One study by UIC Business investigated what they called “servant leadership.” This was described as a form of leadership where managers put the needs of customers and employees above their own (love). This resulted in measurable improvements in productivity, employee job performance, and customer satisfaction — among other things. The study concluded that stores with “servant leaders” saw 6% higher overall job performance and 8% better customer service. It also noted a 50% drop in the likelihood that employees would leave the company.

With power like that to make or break a business, no wonder 65% of employees would rather have a good boss than a raise. That’s because the way managers treat employees influences the overall environment. One Gallup poll found that 70% of the difference in employee engagement across business units can be attributed to the management team. Also, companies that hire more highly competent managers and double their employee engagement rates achieve 147% higher earnings per share than competitors. Think about the kind of impact love could make for your company’s ROI!

So, this Valentine’s Day season, we encourage you to ask yourself: “Is my management team leading with love?” If not, it may be time to go over some key expectations and guidelines with your supervisory staff. Make sure you are equipping them to lead to the best of their ability. We cannot stress how essential it is to ensure your managers keep your employees comfortable while maintaining high-quality standards. After all, that’s what’s made Newsletter Pro a great company that attracts talent from around the country. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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