Unleash the Power of Direct Mail Marketing: Stand Out and Impress Your Clients.

Your prospective clients are a lot like you; they’re busy. They spend their days being bombarded by emails, phone calls, and text messages—and everything is clamoring for attention. If you want your direct mail marketing piece to have an impact (and we’re not just talking about the impact it makes as it hits the top of the recycling bin), you’re going to have to find a way to stand out. And that can only be accomplished if you’re willing to go out on a limb or think outside the box. Get Creative: Dare to Stand Out with Unique Direct Mail Designs

How? It’s simple:

1. Consider spending the extra moolah to get your message sent via next day envelope.

Direct Mail Marketing TipThink about it; if you’re leafing through a stack of mail, and you come across an “urgent” message, what are you going to open first? 99% of people will open the priority package before anything else. That’s because that envelope conveys one thing: importance. Not only will your marketing message actually get opened (score!) but it will probably actually get read—and your clients will be impressed by your urgency. Not to mention, you’ll have the upper hand over your competitors.


2. Embrace the outrageous!

If you want your direct mail marketing to stand out above the crowd, it’s going to have to physically stand out. Your mailer should look so different from the rest that your recipients have no choice but to stop and stare (or, you know, read it). This means bright colors, unique designs, and weird elements.

If you’re thinking, “My clients are much too professional for that kind of marketing,” you’re dead wrong. Just like you, they’re bored and overwhelmed by the bland, faceless marketing messages they’re bombarded with each day—which makes your “outrageous” marketing appealing to even the most sophisticated CEO.

As you know, there’s a huge difference between mail and “junk mail.” Namely, mail actually gets read. So, how do you ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign avoids the junk mail pile?

3. Give each and every piece a personal touch.

This means hand addressing the envelopes (pre-printed labels scream “mass mailer”), using actual stamps (bonus points if they’re novelty stamps), and hitting their mailbox more than once (figuratively, of course). As long as you keep a consistent look or design, your recipients will begin to recognize (dare we say, “look forward to”) your mailings.



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