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by | May 26, 2020

When people talk about entrepreneur Chris Mullins, they use words like “energetic” and “amazing.” Shaun Buck calls Chris a “true friend,” and Stephen K. Brooks of Brooks Law Group says that because of Chris, his “intake department is like a Ferrari, a finely tuned machine” that produces incredible results. Business leaders are such big fans of Chris because she has helped so many of them transform their intake departments through her phone sales coaching. As Stephen pointed out, after Chris is done with an intake department, it’s a well-oiled machine that converts prospects into customers.

Now, she is ready to help you convert your prospects. If you’ve been bringing in prospects but haven’t seen any conversions, then it’s time to call Chris.

You Need This Missing Ingredient 

missing pieceIn 1994, Chris started her telephone sales coaching business, specializing in providing prospect call “RMFD” (record, monitor, and feedback on a daily basis), after realizing that businesses were missing a crucial step in conversion.

When Chris started out, she worked with corporate clients who had the technology in place to monitor prospect calls. Unfortunately, no matter what she did, her clients rarely used it.

Great Marketing Is Not Enough


With the tenacity she’s known for, Chris sought a solution. She tried everything from building her own call recorders to making mystery calls and transcribing them herself. Even with her persistence, clients still didn’t review the calls. As technology improved, most of her clients had their prospect calls recorded with tracking numbers. Chris could access the recordings, so she monitored and scored the calls for her clients.

She knew the businesses she worked with were bringing in prospects, but something was breaking down after that. Great marketing wasn’t enough.

It’s All About The Relationship

customer relationshipTo this day, Chris says, “Most clients still do not listen to their own prospect call recordings.” She’s here to change that.

Chris knew that every sale is based on a relationship, so she set out to see where businesses were failing to build these relationships with their clients. She found that many of them were not engaging with customers in a way that would actually create a connection. After an interaction, the prospects weren’t following up, and Chris was able to pinpoint why.

Through her process, Chris teaches businesses how to talk to prospects. After listening to call recordings to identify where breakdowns are happening, she coaches teams through her vetted Relationship Sales Method. Soon, they see the great results they’ve been looking for.

Call The Phone Sales Doctor

phone salesOver the years, Chris has developed a great relationship with Dan Kennedy, who describes her as the go-to “Phone Sales Doctor.” As a member of Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle (GKIC) and Dan’s VIP mastermind, Chris connected with more business owners struggling with conversion and quickly made a name for herself in the legal industry — an untapped market in terms of intake. Currently, 95% of Chris’ clients are law firms of all sizes and specialties.

With her dynamic “teach-to-sell” speaking style, Chris is in high demand with law firms worldwide. She helps transform their intake processes to convert prospects, and the results she delivers speak for themselves.

To learn more about Chris’ approach, check out one of her books on these topics, including Monkey Business for Today’s Phone Weary Office: Hear/Speak/See No Evil and Take Friday Off, an excellent resource for all businesses, and Intake Specialists, The Unsung Heroes® of Law Firms Worldwide™. Her newest book, Law Firm Conversions™: Great Marketing Is Not Enough When Your Prospects Don’t Convert!, is available on

And, of course, you can always call the Phone Sales Doc when you’re ready to start turning prospects into customers.

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