Success Starts With Family

by | Nov 6, 2018

I get the honor of teaching thousands upon thousands of people each year — some at live trainings; some via webinars or podcasts; and others through this newsletter, my books, or guest postings on various websites. Without fail, I talk business, sales, or marketing. When speaking about the subjects I’m an expert on, I’ve been blessed to get a lot of great feedback over the years. I’ve also received my fair share of critical comments, but that comes with the territory.

Through all of the teachings, though, I rarely give out my very best secret, because it has nothing to do with business. But today, I want to share with you my most important lesson ever.

One word of caution, though. On the surface, this concept is simple; but in real life, it can be very hard to implement and even harder to master. However, if you do it, it will have a profound impact on you both personally and professionally.

Family Is Everything

family is everythingSo, here it is. The next time you have some one-on-one time with family, I want you to ask them this question: “What can I do to be a better [insert your title in relation to them]?”

For example, if I was asking my kids, I’d say, “What is one thing I can do to be a better dad to you?”

If I was talking with my wife, I’d say, “What is the one thing I can do to be a better husband to you?”


How Often Should I Ask This?

thoughtfulMy goal is to ask this question of my family at least twice per year. Then I do my best to make a change and become that person.

The good news is that it’s an easy question to ask. The difficult part is actually taking action and making a change.



The Lies We Tell Ourselves

lyingI’m great at telling myself, “I’m doing this for the family. I’m working extra hours and taking time away from my kids so that they can have the lives they deserve,” and many entrepreneurs share this sentiment. Well, guess what? It’s a lie. The more we tell ourselves our actions are for our family, the more it creates a mindset that allows us to work without remorse. All the while, our kids suffer, our spouses suffer, and our lives suffer.

Being able to change and adapt is the single most important skill you can have as a parent, spouse, entrepreneur, or leader because all of those roles require constant change to stay ahead of the game.

Bring Balance Back to the Family

balanceOur Million Dollar Strategies Podcast discusses this topic with Bradley Callow, who runs a company called Rich Legacy. Brad’s business centers around bringing balance back to the lives of entrepreneurs by teaching tactics that cultivate a healthy family dynamic.

As business owners, we implement structures for our teams so that they can succeed, but when we go home, we seem content operating in utter chaos. Brad suggests that by implementing many of the same strategies you use in business, you can find similar successes within your family. Listen to episode five of my podcast and my interview with Brad here.

Balance Means Balance

family work balanceFinding that balance doesn’t mean ignoring business completely. Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft and a close friend of mine, says he is not the CEO his company needs 12 months from now, but he is determined to become that person. This statement is true both personally and professionally for all of us.

I want to close with a question for you: Are you determined to be the spouse, parent, entrepreneur, and leader you need to be?

If so, don’t wait. Tonight, ask your family what you can do to be a better spouse or parent. Then listen closely and take action to become the person you need to be.

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