Paylocity Gives You What Your Business Needs

We’re well into 2021, and many small and medium-sized businesses continue to navigate the pandemic. We’ve all had to make some major changes along the way. Now, some are focused on getting ramped back up to pre-pandemic operations. Others are feeling the ripple effects of a still disrupted global supply chain and innovating new products and services to fill the gap. So, it makes sense to introduce Paylocity.

While we still have challenges to navigate, you no longer need to find a solution for how to handle payroll in a way that makes sense for your growing business. If you’re like Newsletter Pro, or almost any small or medium-sized business, you want an accurate, agile, and competitive payroll and HR tool.

Making The Most Of It With Paylocity 

You need a tool that can constantly adapt to the new needs of you and your employees. You want a one-stop-shop for everyone in your organization to track pay, paid time off, benefits, and more. And you especially want it to work effortlessly whether your workplace is remote, on location, or hybrid. This is where Paylocity steps in.

It’s a payroll and HR tool that does all of these things very well. And we say that as Paylocity users ourselves. At Newsletter Pro, we’ve utilized this tool for a few years. It worked for us, and it will likely work for you too.


Delivering A Complete Toolbox 

Paylocity is streamlined yet customizable, which is a major timesaver. The check calculator feature is accessible to both administrators and employees. Not many other programs provide this. Your employees will have complete transparency to help them understand the breakdown of their pay. It’s easy for them to update their personal or tax information at any time, and they can also pull up easy-to-read charts and numbers that describe the breakdown of taxes and deductions, whether it’s per check or year to date (YTD).

Paylocity’s unique features can even boost workplace morale and culture. Do you want to give a shoutout to a coworker? It even has a feature for that.

The bottom line is that with its user-friendly interface, anyone can learn to navigate the Paylocity site quickly and access the features or information they’re looking for.

Adapting To Your Future 

Paylocity scales easily to fit businesses of different sizes. And today, the company helps over 20,000 clients worldwide. While it can serve your business no matter what your pay structure is, it’s expertly designed for companies with a majority of hourly employees. Paylocity made our jobs at Newsletter Pro much easier, even during our own transition to a remote work company. It’s a powerful, easy tool that will help your business become even more efficient!

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