Wrap Up Summer Sales With These HOT Closing Lines

by | Aug 16, 2022

This summer, your sales team is going to need some hot closing lines to wrap up their remaining sales before the fall. But what qualifies as a good closing line? The truth is that no closing line will work on every lead because everyone is different. The approach your sales team takes should be based on each individual’s personality type and what they find persuasive. That being said, here are some lines (and approaches) your sales team can use to seal the summer deals. 

Wrap Up Summer Sales With These HOT Closing Lines

The Aggressive Approach

The aggressive approach, also known as the assumptive approach, is a more classical style for closing a sale. It hinges on using closing lines that communicate your expectation that the sale is already essentially closed. This can come in the form of questions, leading statements, or incorporating pressure tactics. 

Some assumptive questions can include variations of the following: 

  • When should we get started? 
  • When should I have this delivered? 
  • When do you want me to come by with the paperwork? 
  • Whom should I make the invoice out to? 

Some aggressive tactics can include variations of the following: 

  • We can only offer you this deal for the next 48 hours. 
  • Our spots are filling up fast. If you walk out of here today, we might not be able to offer you a seat this season. 

The issue with this approach is that while it can be very effective in certain situations, it can also come across as pushy. That’s why it’s important to use these tactics sparingly, and potentially not at all, because they have the power to permanently damage your relationship with leads. If they feel too much stress, they will leave you for a competitor. 

Wrap Up Summer Sales With These HOT Closing Lines

If you do end up employing some of these tactics, make certain you use a calm, friendly tone of voice and avoid aggressive body language. People like to buy from people they trust, so never do anything to jeopardize that trust when communicating with potential clients. 

That being said, certain industries and personality types might respond to more aggressive sales tactics. Just be sure to use discretion before hinging a sale on this approach. 

The Responsive Approach

The responsive approach is less focused on securing an immediate sale and more focused on addressing a lead’s concerns surrounding a potential deal. Some examples of closing lines borrowing from this approach include:

All of these lines have one thing in common: They show you are listening and care about addressing their pain points. Depending on how a customer answers these questions, you will either be led directly into a sale or will be given an opportunity to handle objections. Either way, they will leave you in a great position to close your sale. 

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The Deal-Making Approach

Another classic sales tactic, striking a deal with a client is a good way to push on-the-fence prospects over to your side. But if you want to see consistent profit within your business, you cannot offer excessive deals to every prospect you encounter. Before offering a deal to your lead, you should always clarify that the pricing is in fact the issue. 

Ask clarifying questions like these: 

  • It seems like the price of our product is your primary concern. Am I right in assuming that? 
  • Is this package something that would fit within your budget? 
  • Let’s discuss pricing. 
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If it seems that pricing is the only thing getting in the way of your sale, you can consider offering a deal. This deal should be the minimal discount your prospect is willing to accept. When offering a deal, make sure to let the prospect know how exclusive the price is and reiterate the benefits of your product with emphasis on the problems it will solve within the potential client’s business. Use this tactic sparingly. 

The Question Approach

Unlike aggressive or assumptive closing questions, the phrasing in this approach makes room for the prospect to communicate their lack of willingness to move forward. 

Some phrases of this nature include: 

  • Ready to move forward? I can email the contract over right now. 
  • Would this be a better fit for your budget next quarter? If so, I can follow up then. 
  • Have I done enough to earn your business today? 
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These questions put the emphasis on the salesperson as someone who’s there to solve problems. It also opens the possibility that while a prospect might not be ready today, this week, or even this year — you can still reach out to them when they’re in a better position. Over time, delayed sales can work wonders for your profit margins, even though they take significantly longer to close. By using some of these hot closing lines and tactics, your sales team can boost their summer sales and heat up your profit margins. It’s all about tailoring your approach to suit different leads, being personable, and addressing your prospects’ concerns.

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