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Inside Stop Losing Customers You’ll Discover…

  • The seismic shift from the mass-market economy to today’s “Relationship Economy” and why customer service is more critical than ever for business success [page 8]
  • Actionable tools, tips, and tactics to improve customer and employee relationships, reduce churn, and increase your bottom line [page 12]
  • How to make your business invincible against competitors by mastering relationship marketing, where traditional methods fail [pages 15-17]
  • ​The key differentiators that make your business stand out, where standard metrics like years in operation, services offered, or low pricing won’t [page 18]
  • ​The blueprint for building a company that focuses on lifelong customer relationships, leading to reduced churn and an enhanced customer experience [pages 19-20]
  • ​How most businesses communicate in a way that is entirely self-serving, alienating customers in the process, and what you can do to change it [pages 24-25]
  • ​The three essential methods for calculating customer churn rates, revenue churn, and net revenue churn for your business – and making informed decisions to scale sustainably [pages 27-28]
  • ​The strategy that allows world-class companies to have positive net revenue churn numbers, driving profitable growth even without new customers [page 29]
  • ​The difference between focusing on acquiring new customers versus reducing churn through detailed business examples and which approach is more profitable for you [pages 31-33]
  • Why referrals, not just high-dollar marketing campaigns, are the secret to acquiring high-value customers and growing your business sustainably [page 36]
  • ​How to deliver a “wow experience” to your customers that can dramatically increase the chances of them referring your business to others [pages 37-38]
  • ​The elements of a successful referral program and how it can keep you top of mind with your customers, subsequently boosting your profits [page 40]
  • ​How to adapt your marketing and copywriting to align with your customers’ interests [page 58]
  • ​The importance of consistent communication and personal touches in reducing churn and improving customer relationships [page 62]
  • ​“The step-by-step action plan to evolve from a transactional marketer to a relationship marketer [pages 65-67]
  • ​The Three ‘Do Not Break’ Rules to live by when creating your communication strategy [pages 68-69]
  • ​Why consistency in your communication matters and what it signals to your customers [pages 70-71]
  • ​Proven systems that help generate significant revenue, and understand how you too can implement such systems for years of increased profit [page 78]
  • ​How offering results in advance can rapidly build trust and make it easier for your leads to transition into paying customers [page 86]


Stop Losing Customers – Unlock the Power of Relationships

Mindset: Understanding the Relationship Economy – You’ll dive deep into the “Relationship Economy” — a pivotal concept that will redefine your approach to customer retention and business growth and the strategies that will make your business irresistible to your customers.


Experience: This book is an experiential journey. Chapter by chapter, you’ll find actionable advice, real-world examples, and the very steps I’ve implemented in my own business and how you can adapt them into yours.

Commitment: is only as effective as your willingness to commit.

To help you put theory into practice, I’ve included “easy homework” and “Action Steps” at the end of each chapter that are a structured pathway to your business transformation

Don’t just read–act. Equip yourself with knowledge, mindset, and commitment to stop losing customers and start winning in the Relationship Economy, starting today.

Turn the page and begin your transformation now!



Newsletter Pro’s Founder Shaun Buck first got his start in newsletters when he purchased a dry cleaning business in 2002. In his franchise contract, he was required to send out a monthly newsletter to clients and prospects. Since he had no previous newsletter experience, for the first two years, his newsletter was unorganized, boring, and lacked the engagement to gain new subscribers and clients. He decided to switch his approach to include more personal and entertaining content, and just like that, his readership levels soared. This is when Shaun knew that he was onto something.


In 2011, Shaun sold the dry cleaning business and started a newsletter company, Solution Marketers. He hired a small team to get the company up and running and focused on three products: birthday postcards for restaurants, new mover campaigns, and newsletters. For over a decade, we’ve crafted and mailed newsletters for over 500 clients, expanded our offerings to include diverse direct mail products like postcards and the Referral Builder program, all while championing strategies to bolster client-customer relationships and business growth.