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Businesses can run without newsletters, but the businesses who utilize newsletter marketing tend to see some pretty amazing results. We’re talking increased client retention, more leads and referrals, and crazy amounts of new clients. The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters is guaranteed to help you get your newsletter off the ground and running! Find out why newsletters are so important, what they can do for your clients, and — most importantly — learn all the insider secrets from the master of marketing himself, Shaun Buck!

Sometimes the mysteries of marketing can be a bit overwhelming, but this book walks you through one of the easiest and most profitable marketing strategies of all time. Marketing gurus have called the author, Shaun Buck, an expert in his field. Newsletter Pro currently mails more than four million newsletters per year and successfully creates custom content for each and every one of their clients. It has been called “the best newsletter company in the world” by GKIC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Dee, who highly recommends using a newsletter. Read this book, implement the strategies, and your business will be the one that wins every. single. time.

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