We’re All About the #Giveadamn

Thanks to the generosity of our team, we were able to donate over $1,500 in school supplies to our local elementary.

Here at The Newsletter Pro, we take our core values very seriously. We talk about them so often, we could probably recite them in our sleep. And why not? They’re the building blocks of our company culture! But while values like “engage in real communication” and “collaborate to innovate” might come up every day in the workplace, “give a damn” can sometimes mean taking a peek beyond our cubicle walls.


Sure, we give a damn about our clients and each other, but it’s more than that. We believe it’s important to care about our community too. In fact, just last year, our Pros donated nearly 100 hours in volunteer time and over $1,500 in items like food and cleaning supplies to nonprofits in our area. And that doesn’t even include the company’s contribution!

It’s true — our team is pretty great, and we’re not afraid to show it. Check out our recent charity drive for our favorite neighborhood school, Horizon Elementary.

Taking On Our Community

community outreach

The Newsletter Pro CEO Shaun Buck with Horizon counselor Tamra Vanegas and sixth grade teacher Tracy Blenker

Horizon Elementary is located just 0.2 miles away from The Newsletter Pro headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and is a Title 1 school serving mostly low-income families, including many refugee children in our area. The Newsletter Pro has partnered with Horizon in the past to help restock their pantry of personal hygiene items that are shared with students and families in need. This year, the Pros decided to give big for back to school.

Making a Difference

In total, 23 team members donated to the cause, with an average contribution of $25. Here is a sample of just some of the items our team brought in:

  • 559 pencils
  • 227 notebooks
  • 96 erasers
  • 59 packs of crayons
  • 51 pairs of scissors
  • 31 boxes of tissues
  • $230 in gift cards for shoes and coats


Thanks to the generosity of our team and The Newsletter Pro, we were able to donate over $1,500 in school supplies to our local elementary.

Getting Creative

The Newsletter Pro is home to a talented team of designers, so our community efforts are always paired with some beautiful promotional posters. But we have a fabulous team of writers, too — including one gifted in musical satire. Daniel Thrasher put his writing skills to the test and created a brilliant call to action. Part guilt trip, part humor, Daniel’s ballad features Jenny — a school child in need of supplies. Check out the video below.


Leading the Charge

Company CEO Shaun Buck started the giving off right with a company donation of over $1,000 in backpacks and lunchboxes. His donation helped inspire the team to #Giveadamn and make this quarter’s charity event a success.

Pic 4


The Newsletter Pro is the largest print newsletter company in the United States and also a big believer in caring about the community. Just recently, about a dozen team members donated their time to the Idaho Youth Ranch, a local organization that helps troubled Idaho children and their families achieve a valuable and productive future. The Pros also gave their time in May of this year for Live for 175, a local event that promotes child abuse awareness and prevention. Past charity events have included drives for Animals in Distress, the Idaho Food Bank, and Project CATCH, but The Newsletter Pro’s biggest event of the year is coming up fast.

Christmas for Every Child

This year will be the third year in a row that The Newsletter Pro has sought to bring Christmas to every kid in our community’s foster care system. In 2014 and 2015, the Pros took on the foster kids in Canyon County, making sure that every child who went into foster care between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve got a present. While most cities have community programs set up to get gifts for kids in the foster care system prior to Thanksgiving, children who miss the deadline go without. This year, The Newsletter Pro intends to not only bring gifts to Canyon County foster kids, but to every child in the Ada County foster care system who comes in during the holidays. Who knows? Next year we may be able to take on the whole state of Idaho!

Pic 5

For more information on how you can be a part of this mission, give us a call at 208-297-5700 or shoot us an email at info@thenewsletterpro.com. We’d love to get you on our team!

Past Community Outreach

Our Pros love the Ronald McDonald House, where we get to cook for families whose kiddos are in the hospital.

Pic 6

We #Giveadamn, but we also #Takefunseriously when we volunteer for the Idaho Youth Ranch!

Pic 7

Cycle to break the cycle! The Pros biked to spread the message, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.” #Livefor175

Pic 8

Holy macaroni and cheese, Batman! The Pros donated 518 food items for the Idaho Food Bank at the start of the year.

Pic 9

We love a good story! Last year, The Newsletter Pro donated 183 books to Project CATCH.

Pic 10


We care about the environment! You may have seen this infographic in the December 2015 issue of our newsletter. That year, we planted 1,200 new trees — a 12-to-1 ratio for the trees that are cut down to create our newsletters — and we’re still going strong! Know that when you send direct mail with The Newsletter Pro, you’re helping to replant our forests.

Pic 11


How are you making a difference in your community? Share your pictures and stories with us on social media by using our hashtags #Giveadamn and #TheNewsletterPro.

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