Newsletter Pro Announces New Digital Newsletter Package Just in Time for 2022

In late 2021, Newsletter Pro released its new Digital Newsletter Package. This new plan combines reliable print marketing with digital marketing in order to create more touchpoints and means for content distribution for clients. This package includes a variety of services that will help get clients off to the right start for marketing their brand. 

Preview of the Digital Newsletter

Using both digital and print means for content distribution increases the number of touchpoints a business has with its audience, which can help keep that business top-of-mind. This approach also gives businesses access to a wider variety of clients and prospects, who may strongly prefer one method over the other or may only have access to one method and not the other. In terms of content marketing, that makes the likelihood of clients receiving a business’ content and interacting with it much higher. According to recent data, combining digital and print marketing has been shown to improve several metrics for businesses – including increasing website traffic by 68%, response rates by 63%, and leads by 53%. 

This package is also fully cultivated by our team of Pros – meaning that our clients can leave worrying about the content and distribution to us. We will only need about an hour of the client’s time every quarter for them to meet with their writer. During this time the writer will take notes on any stories, themes, and content ideas the business owner wants to be included in their content, and they will fashion their articles accordingly. This allows the business to get custom content distributed to their audience without having to worry about designing or writing their newsletters. 

Included in this package are a weekly email newsletter, a monthly print newsletter, 1–2 custom blog articles per week, monthly mailing list maintenance for both print and digital, and design help for elements like headers, footers, and logos. These content elements are fully created and designed by Newsletter Pro’s team. This allows businesses to communicate with their audience in a variety of ways without having to design or write their own content. 
Many small business owners across the U.S. have signed up for the Digital Newsletter Plan and are starting to see the positive benefits of dynamic content distribution. To set up an appointment to discuss this plan with a Newsletter Pro staff member, click here.

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