The Email Newsletter Package Is Here!

by | Jan 11, 2022

Newsletter Pro is excited to announce our new Email Newsletter Package! When you choose this package, you’re unlocking more content, better distribution, and a wider audience. All of this goes to improving your overall content marketing strategy and, by extension, your business.

The Email Newsletter Package Is Here

This approach doesn’t just improve your overall content marketing, though — it also yields impressive, tangible results. That’s great news if you’re looking to grow your business through high-quality, relationship-building content. Here are six other major benefits of implementing an email newsletter.

Drive Sales

When it comes to selling, email newsletters are a fast and effective way to get your product or services in front of customers. When customers open your email newsletter, they’re not just receiving a sales email asking them to “buy now!” Instead, they’re learning why your services solve their problems, what values set your business apart, or the lessons your brand has learned and wants to share. It’s a personal experience that adds value to your customers’ lives with an actionable link included so they can immediately get in touch or buy if they need to. 

In the past year, 44% of consumers said they made a purchase based on an email newsletter alone. By implementing an email newsletter, you’re ensuring your brand stays in front of your customers whenever they’re ready to buy. 

Help You Stay Connected

Starting an email newsletter means you’re nurturing your relationship with your customers every week. And by doing so, you’re building the trust and reliability of your brand. 

Your customers don’t choose your business simply because you’re the only one selling something. In fact, there are probably many other companies out there fairly similar to yours. But what makes customers ultimately choose your business when it’s time to buy is their trust in your company. 

Email Newsletter Marketing Strategy

This trust isn’t formed on its own; it takes time and consistency to grow. With an email newsletter, you’ll be sharing personal stories, industry insights, or helpful tips and tricks to enrich your customers’ lives. By creating a space where your readership doesn’t feel like you’re constantly trying to sell them something but instead help them, people will view your business as a source of information they can trust. 

The goal is for people to look forward to your newsletters and be excited to read them. They’re not promotional emails clogging up inboxes but a message from a source they care about. 

Increase Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to your marketing strategies, it’s a bad practice to assume people will visit your website. The truth is that unless they think about your brand specifically, they won’t. 

Minimally, an email newsletter keeps your business top of mind. If people open their inboxes every week to read an engaging story from your business, they’ll more likely think about you even when they’re not explicitly in need of your services. But here’s the thing — when someone opens your email newsletter, they’ll be able to visit your website via an actionable link directly. That means that instead of hoping someone will search for your website on their own, you’re providing them with a link to bring them there in seconds. No more hoping and no more searching. 

Reach A Wider Audience

Today, email is used by 3.8 billion people, so the potential audience for your email newsletter is vast. On top of that, since it’s delivered instantly, you can reach more people in less time with a higher degree of engagement and effectiveness, thanks to actionable links. 

Promote Your Lead Magnets 

With an email newsletter by Newsletter Pro, you’ll get one customized link included every week. You can bring your prospects and past customers directly to your books, videos, seminars, podcasts, consultations, or other lead magnets to increase your brand’s awareness and gather valuable information about your niche demographic. 

Not only that, but these links back to your lead magnets will also give people a greater opportunity to become familiar with your brand, leading to increased trust and the likelihood of a purchase. 

Increase Retention 

Every person you get to visit your website matters because any time someone visits, they’re more likely to purchase a product or service, schedule a consultation, or interact with your brand in some way. When it comes to digital marketing, many people may only visit a website one time. 

With an email newsletter, you remind your customers every week to visit your website and provide them with an incentive to do so. By building that relationship with your readers and providing them with valuable information, your site won’t just become a one-and-done stop for someone browsing the internet. Instead, it’s a place your most loyal customers can visit to follow up on the email they just read when they want to know more. An email newsletter turns the one-time visitor into a weekly guest. 

Do Email Newsletters Work?

You Should Know …

Aside from improving your business overall, an email newsletter touts some impressive email-specific statistics you should know.

What is Email Newsletter Marketing?
How Often Should You Send Email Newsletters?

Impressive, right? Just think about what that large increase in website traffic or leads could do for your business. That would mean more reach, more customers, more referrals, and more profit. That’s a deal hard to beat. 

The Email Newsletter Package includes more than just a weekly email newsletter (that’s 20K emails per month). It also includes: 

  • 1 custom blog article per week 
  • 1 custom curated link per week
  • Monthly digital mailing list maintenance 
  • Custom newsletter design

The best part? Your email newsletter will be carefully crafted by our team, which means we only need an hour of your time once a quarter to meet with your writer. After that, you can leave the rest to us! 

That’s right — no hassle, no stress!

If you have any questions or would like to upgrade your package, visit our website here or give us a call at (208) 252-9565 to speak with an account manager. We can’t wait to start helping you grow your business through this powerful digital content strategy.

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