Show Your Employees A Little Love

Employee appreciation is one of the most important elements of building a positive company culture. Recognizing employee efforts boosts morale and creates higher levels of trust between employees and their managers. In fact, 90% of employees report higher levels of trust in their supervisor if they have received recognition in the past month. Praise and rewards also result in happier employees overall, who are on average 12% more productive than unhappy employees. That’s good news for you because it’s easy to reward employees in a variety of ways.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Entire Company

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to let your employees know how much you appreciate them. But how can you show your employees a little love without breaking the bank? Our team at Newsletter Pro has 3 great ideas for inexpensive ways to show your staff how much you care.

Give A Token Of Appreciation 

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Sometimes showing your employees you care can be as simple as giving out a card or a small bag of candy. If you’re keeping with a Valentine’s Day theme, go the extra mile to make the item festive. Depending on what kind of business you operate, what you distribute appropriately will vary.

For example, if you run a fast-paced warehouse, it’s not ideal to interrupt employees to give them a physical item. Instead, you could send out a virtual gift card or mail them a festive card. However, if you run a small boutique, a small bag of candy or a hand-delivered card will make their day. If you’re at a loss for what might work, many guides online list easy ideas you can use.

Throw A Party 

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A company party is a great way to get your staff together in a casual environment. This allows your employees to get to know each other, relax, and enjoy seasonal festivities together. Promoting higher morale, tighter social cohesion, and better relationships between management and general staff is always a good idea. Parties over Zoom or another virtual platform can even be a hit at remote companies if tweaked appropriately. Perhaps a small Valentine’s Day party is just the thing your teams need to bond and improve their overall performance. Who knows? Maybe it could become an annual tradition your whole staff looks forward to every year.

Buy Lunch 

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Who doesn’t love getting treated to lunch? Picking up pizza for the office or hosting a company potluck will always be appreciated. One of the quickest ways into your staff’s hearts is through their stomachs. According to a survey conducted by Seamless, 60% of employees said company-provided food “would make them feel more valued and appreciated.” Plus, the World Health Organization found that a healthy lunch can boost brain power as much as 20%. So, in addition to showing appreciation, you help keep your employees performing at their best.

No matter what you do to show your staff you care, it’s important to do it consistently. Your employees want to know they’re doing a great job. They need to know that what they bring to the table is vital to your company. By using any of these methods to recognize your staff’s contributions, you are creating a stronger, better company culture. Your employees will be excited to be a part of it this Valentine’s Day — and every day.

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