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by | Dec 9, 2021

We don’t dodge the hard questions when it comes to direct mail marketing. The internet has become an important tool in the marketing world. In fact, it’s now an integral part of how customers interact with your business. So, how do you transform your direct mail marketing strategy to earn the highest ROI and complement this technology?

The answer is simple: Ensure your direct mail marketing campaign elevates your brand by connecting it clearly to your campaign and mission statement.

Even in today’s world, print marketing is one of the ultimate ways you can show commitment to your customer. It takes resources to print content and mail it to your customer. It also takes time and effort to design the content, especially long-form content. We’ve been seeing a huge trend in brands using long-form content marketing to boost their image. Here’s why (and how) it’ll work for you, too.

No. 1: Use Long-Form Direct Mail Marketing Content To Make A Lasting Impression

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In 2021, our society saw a huge increase in companies boosting their print marketing presence, especially with the arrival of the Black Lives Matter movement. It was breaking news when MasterCard released a 2-page, full-length communication ad in the Sunday edition of The New York Times.

Such long-form ads used to be considered “normal,” but not so much now. This means you can make a lasting impression with long-form direct mail marketing. Surprise people!

No. 2: Use QR Codes To Direct Customers To Online Resources

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Times have changed for QR codes. They used to be a hassle with a high barrier of entry. First, you needed a smartphone. Second, you needed particular apps to read and use them.

Today, over 81% of Americans have a smartphone, and reading QR codes has become a native feature of many. Thus, the popularity of QR codes has risen steadily. Over 11 million American households — not people! — used QR codes in 2020. A June 2021 survey by Statista Research Department revealed that over 45% of responding shoppers had used marketing-related QR codes, and that was just in the past 3 months.

It’s a massively trending tool for anyone who does marketing in print or online. Whether you have a website, social media, or a product page, you can attach direct mail to your marketing. It creates a fluid transition between print and digital in your customer’s experience. Best of all, combining a sensory experience with fast digital convenience can give them an especially memorable marketing encounter.

No. 3: Tap Into 2022’s Spirit Of Reinvention

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The post-pandemic market is mostly settled now. It’s the perfect time to try something new to capture the attention of your customers and convert them. Since the market has shifted, new needs have been created.

Create new offers and personas that will inspire and resonate. Build trust by showing you’re the most well-equipped business to handle your consumer’s needs during these times. There’s no better way to prove it than with a direct mail marketing campaign your consumer can see and touch.

As a brand, you have a lot to say. A Twitter account won’t always give you the room to say it, and it certainly won’t instantly grant you credibility. Direct mail marketing can prove you’re a trustworthy voice. Because you spent the time, effort, and money to deliver free content to your consumers’ hands, you’ll stand out. Use long-form content, QR codes, and innovative offers and personas to create a lasting impact with your direct mail. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at Newsletter Pro!

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