What Does My Project Manager Really Do, Anyway?

by | Sep 1, 2022

When you and your business first start working with Newsletter Pro, you’ll be introduced to a number of people committed to bringing your campaign to life. The first person you’ll come into contact with will be an account manager who will explain how our process works and answer any questions you have about our services and pricing. After you decide to sign on with us, you’ll be introduced to the rest of your team. 

What Does My Project Manager Really Do, Anyway?

You’ll meet your writer who helps you craft your personalized content and your designer who makes sure your newsletter looks professional and how you want it. You’ll also be made aware of the people behind the scenes such as editors and the production team who help your campaign operate smoothly. The final member of your team is the project manager, and you will communicate with them regularly. It might not be glaringly apparent what your project manager does day in and day out, but they’re a vital member of your team.

If your campaign was a ship, your project manager would be the captain and you would be the passenger. The captain’s knowledge of the vessel and the sea (your newsletter and marketing in general) is vast and expansive. It comes from extensive experience, tribal knowledge, and the support of the rest of the ship’s crew. Your captain looks further ahead than the untrained eye can see and warns of any upcoming struggles. Heed their warnings! They will steer clear of anything that could take the voyage off course. Their sole mission is to successfully get you to the destination you requested (a perfectly crafted newsletter, delivered on time to your readers’ inboxes).

Crystal Cicale, Lead Project Manager at Newsletter Pro

The bulk of the work your project manager does is behind the scenes. They set the timeline for your entire campaign. They set the mailing date and ensure everything is completed so your newsletter goes out on time. They set deadlines for the writers to write the articles, the editors to edit them (at a few stages), and the designers to place them with photos and eye-catching graphics. The project manager will then place filler articles to give the newsletter more depth and passes it to the editing team to ensure it is error-free. If there are any necessary revisions to your newsletter, the project manager will take care of those (as long as they’re not too extensive). They then send it back over to you for approval, and if things look right, they’ll pass your newsletter on to production.

Of course, not everything your project manager does is behind the scenes. They’re also your main point of contact for anything you may need. Have questions about your campaign? Your project manager can help. Concerns about your writer? Your project manager has a solution. No matter what you need or what questions you may have, your project manager is ready with an answer or can help you find the person who can help. You can trust them to keep your best interests in mind.

The client-project manager relationship is so important because of the trust involved. With trust comes better success in our experience. If the client can let go and let The Pros do what we know works, there is a history of better outcomes.

John Pun McReynolds, Lead Project Manager at Newsletter Pro

At the end of the day, your project manager is here to support your campaign, but there’s only so much they can do without your help. Their goal is to develop a quality product each month without a hitch. They may need your input on certain things, so watch your email and be sure to respond!

Never be afraid to reach out to your project manager for assistance. They’re happy to help in any way they can.

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