Why Google Workspace Is Perfect For Your Business

What do Twitter, Spotify, and Whirlpool all have in common? They all use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to help run their business. Google Workspace is the collective name given to Google’s group of intelligent apps. These include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendars, and more. Many of you are probably familiar with at least a few of the Google Workspace applications!

We aren’t sponsored; we’re just in love. Google Workspace is very inexpensive compared to other software suites on the market. This means its features will give your business the best bang for your buck. One study from Forrester shows that Google Workspace can provide:

  • A 1.5% increase in revenue
  • 171 hours (nearly 21 days) saved per user per year
  • Over 95% reduced risk of data breaches
  • 20% reduction in on-demand tech support
  • 331% ROI

Why such a drastic difference in performance? Here’s an easy breakdown!

All The Best Tools In 1 Convenient Location

Google Workspace lets your company access all the best tools for communicating and collaborating with one another in one place. Handle client and intercompany communications through Gmail or Google Hangouts Chat. Create and coedit different files through Google Docs and Google Sheets, and store them using Google Drive. You don’t have to split your time and functionality between multiple platforms for your most important tasks if you have Google Workspace!




Ease Of Use Right Off The Bat

Most people are probably at least familiar with Gmail and Google Docs from using them in their personal lives. So, having Google Workspace can make easing new employees into their roles much simpler. If your company uses other means of communicating and collaborating, you’ll spend more time training. That’s not to say that it would be much harder to introduce someone to Google Workspace completely cold — it’s one of the most user-friendly workspace tools on the market!

Keeping It In The Cloud

Experts have been saying for years that cloud storage is the future for businesses. And now, you can enjoy Google Workspace with unlimited storage if you purchase the Business or Enterprise plans. The Basic plan, however, will still allow for 30 GB of cloud storage. You save a ton of money getting rid of company servers, and you’ll stay on top of work from wherever you are, on any device.

Whether you have projects on Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides, you and your employees can access and edit them at your convenience. These help you manage and streamline your work without added stress.


Top-Of-The Line Security

Admins of your Google Workspace can access authentication, asset projection, and operational control from one simple dashboard. Google Workspace blocks 99.9% of spam and business email compromise scams. And for businesses that have deployed a security key, there are zero (that’s right, zero!) reported or detected account hijackings. So, you can sleep well knowing your data is in good hands.



Real-Time Communication

One of the most exciting original Google Docs features was its capability for simultaneous editing. You’d be amazed at how this functionality — simultaneous access, which is now available across Google Workspace’s products — can improve your company’s efficiency. The ability to share and see your team’s calendars, comment on spreadsheets, and tag team members is simple! It’s easier than ever to be in the know instead of trying to catch up when it’s already too late.

No Scheduled Downtime Or Maintenance Windows

Other platforms, especially if they’re as large and widely used as Google Workspace, would need some sort of scheduled maintenance and downtime. However, Google knows just how important its application suite is to its users. All their data centers use redundant infrastructure, meaning that 99.9% of the time, Google Workspace will be up and running like a champ.

At Newsletter Pro, we’ve been utilizing Google Workspace for years, and our love for it has only grown. With our entire team working remotely full time, we haven’t gotten out of our productivity groove at all. We highly recommend it for businesses of any size!

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