In case you haven’t heard, our “No B.S.” book launch for referrals and retention was featured on!

The Newsletter Pro CEO, Shaun Buck, is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur, and we’re proud to report we posted an article in honor of Shaun’s latest venture with marketing guru Dan S. Kennedy, “The No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention.”

Your guide to retention and referrals

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In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the referrals and retention benefits you’ll take away from the latest in the “No B.S.” series.

First you’ll notice this book is a compilation of some of the greatest minds in marketing:

  • Dan S. Kennedy – Marketing Mastermind
  • Shaun Buck – Experienced Entrepreneur
  • Keith Lee – Customer Experience Pro
  • Parthiv Shah – Marketing Data Integration Expert
  • Craig Proctor – Professional Marketing Coach
  • Dr. Dustin Burleson – Orthodontist and Seminar Guru

Each of these entrepreneurs have risen to the top of their field through innovative marketing and proven methods for referrals and retention. Their wisdom spans industries, generations, and specialties, and is applicable to any business in today’s highly competitive market.

Second, the text is easy to read, understand, and implement in your own business. The main goal of this book is to give you the information and tools necessary to boost your customer retention, and use it to fuel your business growth.

Learn all of this and more by ordering your copy of “The No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Securing New Customers and Maximum Profits” on Amazon today!

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