Print Will Superboost Your Email Campaign In These 3 Ways

by | Nov 18, 2021


Great email campaigns have become a norm for successful small businesses. However, pairing your email strategy with print marketing (or even better, newsletter marketing) will allow you to convert prospects. You’ll even retain loyal customers in a more powerful way.

A big part of why print and email work together so beautifully because your customers will nearly always receive and see physical mail.

How many brand emails did you get in 2020? The statistics are in, and they won’t surprise you. It’s raining emails, as The Weather Girls would say. Most brands are sending even more emails in 2021, according to a study by Ascend2 that looked into marketing email automation.

Of the brands polled, over 74% are increasing their send. About 20% are staying the same, and 6% are decreasing their volume. Only 3% are decreasing their volume significantly.

Yet, emailers are facing huge challenges. Over 45% of them agree that maintaining an engaged list is their most difficult task. And 37% agree their second most difficult task is reducing spam complaints.

How do you get higher engagement while reducing spam complaints? It’s a difficult question, and the statistics agree. Only 38% of respondents said their email marketing was successful at what they were trying to achieve.

If you’re having trouble with your email marketing strategy, it might be time to supercharge it. Try combining it with a print marketing campaign!

First, Print Marketing Can Increase Your Engagement Because It’s Far Less Saturated Than Email.


You won’t be competing with literally hundreds of other pieces of mail waiting to be opened. In fact, print marketing has a 99.9% deliverability rate and a 74% direct mail same-day opening rate (and up to 90% total opening rate). That’s very impressive when compared to many email campaigns that struggle to stay out of the spam folder.

Second, You Won’t Have To Worry About Your Print Marketing Being Considered Spam.

Companies that send print marketing are often viewed as more credible and trustworthy. It’s powerful to give your customers a tangible representation of your company outside of email. This is especially true if it provides value, like an offer or industry-related advice.

Over 65% of human beings are visual learners. You can make the most of that with an eye-catching print marketing strategy with high-quality materials. The recipient will find it difficult to ignore you.

Third, Over 43% Of Companies Want To Improve Their Email Personalization.


You can personalize your marketing strategy with print marketing as part of that effort. It may even impress your customers more than an email would. Does your customer have a birthday coming up? Send a birthday card. What about a new product?What about a new product they’d be interested in, considering their purchase history? Mail an offer to them about that, too! They’ll definitely notice it.

Everyone wants more personalization these days, like getting to know the business they’re buying from and what its values are. Email is one way to communicate this, but print marketing with newsletters takes it to the next level.

Your print newsletter gives you a perfect soapbox to offer your industry and personal expertise. It can provide interesting insights into relevant or current topics that will interest your clients. You may even receive positive feedback you never would’ve expected from a customer — trust us, we hear stories all the time. If you want to get started, just give us a call! We’d be thrilled to enhance your email marketing and create the ultimate communication experience for your customers with newsletters.

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