With the back-to-school season right around the corner, lots of parents and business owners are in a period of transition. That means this is your perfect opportunity to wow your audience by bringing some great back-to-school content ideas to life. Here’s how to do it right (along with some examples to help get you started). 

Make It Relevant.

You will need to tailor your back-to-school content to your audience and industry, so brainstorm with your teams and plan your campaigns carefully. In case you’re still stuck, here are some industry-specific examples to get you started. 


  • “Is Your Smile Ready For Back-To-School Season?” 
    • Create material with an emphasis on encouraging students and parents to schedule their annual checkups before the end of the year.
    • You can see some examples here


  • “Have You Done Your Homework On The Benefits Of An Annual Checkup?” 
    • Center your content around statistics surrounding the benefits of annual checkups and encourage clients to schedule their appointments before school starts again. 
    • See here for more information. 
back to school doctor appointment


  • “Look No Further For The Perfect Back-To-School Styles” 
    • Create some graphic-heavy content that showcases your relevant back-to-school inventory. 
    • You can see some great examples here


  • “All This Studying Is Making Us Hungry … Stop In For A Back-To-School Snack!” 
    • This is a great opportunity to offer some back-to-school deals or coupons to encourage parents to bring in their kids after school. 
    • You can view more ideas here


  • “Pass The Class With A Laptop That’s Fast!” 
    • This can also be broadened out to include all devices. Emphasize that devices will be in working order before school begins. 


  • “Back-To-School? We Thought You Said, ‘Backyard Pool!’” / “Lift Your Concrete While Lifting Your Grades” 
    • This can be centered around any services you offer with a special focus on getting projects done before fall and winter weather conditions set in. 


  • “It’s Back-To-School Season!” 
    • This would be a good content piece to include any special deals or offerings, even if you don’t necessarily have an industry that appeals specifically to parents or students. 

When In Doubt, Lean On Stories.

If you don’t have a solid idea of what sort of back-to-school content you want to do, lean on stories. These can be about your kids and their experiences with school, your own personal memories, or stories from a friend or family member. Seasonally relevant personal stories are great for filling out your annual content calendar, especially if you’re struggling with how to integrate new themes. 

Back-To-School Content Ideas

Offer A Back-To-School Deal.

When in doubt, offer a deal. This is probably the easiest way to get eyes on your back-to-school content and customers in the door. Besides, the early fall is often the best time to appeal to parents and students, so adding a deal to your content might make you more competitive. 

We hope these ideas are helpful to you wherever you are in your content marketing journey. As always, consult with your team to see what back-to-school ideas would appeal to your specific audience and your industry. Good luck!

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