6 Resolutions Every Business Owner Should Consider

by | Dec 30, 2021

If you’ve been incredibly busy during the 4th quarter “tornado,” you’re not alone! It may be Dec. 30, but it’s not too late for any business owner to write down some New Year’s resolutions. In fact, you’d be right on time. Here are our suggestions.


No. 1: Be Flexible And Adaptable As A Business Owner

You’ll be on the other side quicker than you know it! Most businesses have shifted their business model in some way during 2020 and 2021. They may still be trying to solve new kinks created by remote work or supply chain issues.

However, there is an important lesson here: There are no surefire ways to succeed in business. As soon as we’re too comfortable, we’ve already lost. As a business owner, you have the advantage of being nimble and ready to shift your strategy, technology, or products with a snap of your finger. Don’t lose that advantage by losing your will to adapt and be prepared.

No. 2: Be Fearless In Your Support Of Others


Many small businesses preach the importance of supporting local — but do they practice what they preach? Your Amazon Business account might seem like it has all the answers. However, your resources next door might be just as valuable, even if the upfront cost is a little more. Consider ways to move away from bigger retailers and help your struggling neighbors. Even if you begin with getting coffee from a local coffeehouse rather than Starbucks, it’s a start.

No. 3: Empower Yourself

You’d be shocked by how many business owners aren’t aware of their financing options. Big banks don’t have all the power when it comes to loans. Many alternative lenders will offer small businesses the money they need without the bank’s paperwork and strict requirements! These options could shave a few percentage points off your interest, which can lead to very significant savings.

No. 4: Don’t Forget To Breathe And Relax

2021 has been a wild ride! While entrepreneurs are used to plugging away for extra hours, this year might have tested your limits. That’s why, even as a business owner, you need to take time off to decompress. As frivolous as it may seem, relaxing is an important part of your ability to lead, create, and thrive. Maybe it means taking half a day or getting that massage you keep rescheduling. Do it and enjoy it!


No. 5: Have You Optimized Your Office Space Yet?

A lot of offices gathered nothing but dust in 2020 and even into 2021. It’s 2022 now, and you should consider what you’re doing with that space. Is it optimized for the work you do? Why or why not? If you work just as well from home as you do in the office, can your lease money be better spent elsewhere?

No. 6: This Is The Perfect Time For Creative Marketing

It’s always a good time for creativity! Now more than ever, brands and companies are getting innovative and personal with their customers online. They even partner with other businesses to provide more services to a wider audience. Many companies have gone far beyond their comfort zones with surprising results. As a business owner, take your company to the next level.

creative business

Don’t fall behind — it’s time to experiment, see what’s working, and replace what isn’t. Attracting new customers and nurturing those relationships might be as simple in this digital era as mailing a monthly print newsletter. (A wild card suggestion from us, we know!)

Don’t hesitate to do something daring in 2022. This is a great time to celebrate hopes and dreams for the future. And after the challenges of the pandemic, your customers likely want to be a part of that, too.

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